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  1. CLOSED beta 8340 log

    ok thanks all reply , it work now
  2. u need to "execute" the program , then u can see the file reputation. but some ppl are not a type of happy clicker , how to check the file reputation via behavior blocker panel...
  3. i have clear up every event in forensic log , but the main screen still show 5 malware objects , how to reset to zero.
  4. High Memory Usage

    EAM using too much RAM (around 300 MB ++) , really not friendly to the laptop (etc : 4GB RAM)
  5. powershell ransomware

    looks good now ,all js script comfirm blocked .hta file there were still no alert from bb or antimalware network (win 7 x64) , extension BMCODE . Anyway thanks for testing ,very much appreciated
  6. powershell ransomware

    password : infected
  7. powershell ransomware

    Below that samples powershell ransomware i had tested , unfortunately behavior blocker doesnt monitor powershell command tightly . https://my.mixtape.moe/mlfmap.7z
  8. does behavior blocker able blocked "abuse" PowerShell script ransomware execute ? https://myonlinesecurity.co.uk/new-powershell-ransomware-coming-in-malspam-emails-pretending-to-be-email-bounce-messages/
  9. reinstall stable version , reboot ,everything running good now . thanks to emsisoft team .
  10. The problem was fixed after switch to beta channel , however it takes a couple minutes for the windows logon screen to appear and little bit delay for windows startup too. Any idea to speed up ?
  11. EIS and Malwarebytes

    thanks for information ,i just remove malwarebytes 3 from my pc due to packet filter compatible issues
  12. hi , does emsisoft compatible with malwarebytes full version ?
  13. http://www.securityweek.com/attackers-can-hijack-security-products-microsoft-tool