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  1. ymchen

    CLOSED beta 8340 log

    ok thanks all reply , it work now
  2. u need to "execute" the program , then u can see the file reputation. but some ppl are not a type of happy clicker , how to check the file reputation via behavior blocker panel...
  3. i have clear up every event in forensic log , but the main screen still show 5 malware objects , how to reset to zero.
  4. ymchen

    High Memory Usage

    EAM using too much RAM (around 300 MB ++) , really not friendly to the laptop (etc : 4GB RAM)
  5. ymchen

    CLOSED realtime protection crash

    check pm
  6. Frank did non AV program will show list compatibility ? like sandboxie,shade sandbox , shadow defender, glasswire network monitor , spyshelter firewall , comodo firewall , adguard for windows (desktop) that using wfp driver ,https filter etc.....and other security program antiexe ,anti exploit , memory protection like ReHIPS ,AppGuard ,HitmanPro.Alert ,Voodooshield
  7. ymchen

    powershell ransomware

    looks good now ,all js script comfirm blocked .hta file there were still no alert from bb or antimalware network (win 7 x64) , extension BMCODE . Anyway thanks for testing ,very much appreciated
  8. ymchen

    powershell ransomware

    password : infected
  9. ymchen

    powershell ransomware

    Below that samples powershell ransomware i had tested , unfortunately behavior blocker doesnt monitor powershell command tightly . https://my.mixtape.moe/mlfmap.7z
  10. does behavior blocker able blocked "abuse" PowerShell script ransomware execute ? https://myonlinesecurity.co.uk/new-powershell-ransomware-coming-in-malspam-emails-pretending-to-be-email-bounce-messages/
  11. reinstall stable version , reboot ,everything running good now . thanks to emsisoft team .
  12. The problem was fixed after switch to beta channel , however it takes a couple minutes for the windows logon screen to appear and little bit delay for windows startup too. Any idea to speed up ?
  13. ymchen

    CLOSED realtime protection crash

    i've done as requested and you got a2service dump file (sent via PM) Remark : 2017.5.0.7538 beta / win 7 and win10
  14. ymchen

    CLOSED realtime protection crash

    log file has been sent. please advice once u read the messenge.
  15. ymchen

    CLOSED realtime protection crash

    sorry to make u confuse , i just explain the (1)reproduce the issue , forget (2) . here are the picture step by step 1-2-3 . could u provide details how to capture process dump of a2service .thanks a lot