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  1. ok thanks all reply , it work now
  2. i have clear up every event in forensic log , but the main screen still show 5 malware objects , how to reset to zero.
  3. EAM using too much RAM (around 300 MB ++) , really not friendly to the laptop (etc : 4GB RAM)
  4. Frank did non AV program will show list compatibility ? like sandboxie,shade sandbox , shadow defender, glasswire network monitor , spyshelter firewall , comodo firewall , adguard for windows (desktop) that using wfp driver ,https filter etc.....and other security program antiexe ,anti exploit , memory protection like ReHIPS ,AppGuard ,HitmanPro.Alert ,Voodooshield
  5. looks good now ,all js script comfirm blocked .hta file there were still no alert from bb or antimalware network (win 7 x64) , extension BMCODE . Anyway thanks for testing ,very much appreciated
  6. Below that samples powershell ransomware i had tested , unfortunately behavior blocker doesnt monitor powershell command tightly . https://my.mixtape.moe/mlfmap.7z
  7. does behavior blocker able blocked "abuse" PowerShell script ransomware execute ? https://myonlinesecurity.co.uk/new-powershell-ransomware-coming-in-malspam-emails-pretending-to-be-email-bounce-messages/
  8. reinstall stable version , reboot ,everything running good now . thanks to emsisoft team .
  9. The problem was fixed after switch to beta channel , however it takes a couple minutes for the windows logon screen to appear and little bit delay for windows startup too. Any idea to speed up ?
  10. i've done as requested and you got a2service dump file (sent via PM) Remark : 2017.5.0.7538 beta / win 7 and win10
  11. log file has been sent. please advice once u read the messenge.
  12. sorry to make u confuse , i just explain the (1)reproduce the issue , forget (2) . here are the picture step by step 1-2-3 . could u provide details how to capture process dump of a2service .thanks a lot
  13. yes , the problem still exist. enter the malware host url --> surf protection notification came up --> click "always block this" . after that no responding at all until u end process. a2guard.exe permanent terminate and no longer running from my observation , if not enter malware url in the browser, let the surf protection detect url and display notification pop up --> click always block it , there is no problem. PS: will upload another dump file later after few hours a2service_20170525153016(1128).7z
  14. thanks for information ,i just remove malwarebytes 3 from my pc due to packet filter compatible issues
  15. hi , does emsisoft compatible with malwarebytes full version ?
  16. hi frank OS : w7 ultimate sp1 x64 , vmware 12.5.4 browser : firefox 52.0.1 32bit i just wonder why only this malware host [drappenzeller.com] crash with a2guard.exe , other malware host no have problem. Logs.7z
  17. when u click "always block this" , there is no responding test with latest beta 7318 ,window 7 x64
  18. http://www.securityweek.com/attackers-can-hijack-security-products-microsoft-tool
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