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  1. Hi I have just bought your Emergency Kit, but I have not clue what to do next. I switched my computer off on the wall (I know...) and it would not boot, but came up with a blue screen that said: Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034 You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact pour PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer. The PC is running Windows 10, 64 bit, I think. (It wont boot for me to check!). It will not be Win 8. It used to be Win 7. A win 7 disc that came with it, or a different computer, said that that disk was for a different version of Windows. A Win 10 emergency boot disk that I made for a different computer, which was running Win 10, booted the computer. The problems were as follows, as I recall. I tried using a USB to download a Win 10 installation file from Microsoft ? and ISO file. The installer said that "We can't find a USB flash drive." I think I got past that. But when I booted off it, there was never the resources when I went through Bootrec /rebuildbcd, even thou I should have had an entire Win 10 image on the USB. Even though, I plugged the USB into every USB slot on the computer. I tried to make a Win 10 DVD, but the file is too big for single-layer DVD's and I have no double layer DVD's. I booted from the Win 10 emergency boot disk referred to above. I saw on line that I should type Bootrec /fixmbr Bootrec /fixboot Bootrec /scanos Bootrec /rebuildbcd I pressed return after each command. The first three worked. The fourth asked if I wanted to install something or other. When I typed "Y", it said that the resources were not available. I tried to fix the partitions like a post said, and remember renaming the volume to M:. That did not help. I tried messing about with bcdboot.exe C:\Windows /S C: with lots of different letters instead of the first C, but that did not work. A tutorial said to use your software, but I cannot work out what to do next. It boots on the computer (from DVD) and I get the menu with the five or so choices. I chose the boot one and got some results but ? what to do next. I think I just want to rebuild the BCD file but I can't I have posted this to customer support, too!!! When I did, I did not yet work out how to post to this forum!!! Thanks! Andrew Nielsen