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  1. Hello I think I'd better wait a while to see if there is any solution to this problem.
  2. Hi Which passwords? If I had to uninstall my old antivirus since I realized it was not working and I think that is why I infiltrated this rasomware but already install another. I will be able to eliminate all viruses since they told me not to do anything to get the tests. Do you think I have to keep waiting if there is any arrangement or I lose all the encrypted documents? Regards
  3. This is from C:\Users\TECHI\AppData\Local\Temp\i4jdel0.exe And of antishortcut I do not remember to have installed it but I think that it was previously had by the date and the infection of my pc was the 18/03/17 And tried to look for the file but it seems that it is also encrypted
  4. The problem I have is a rasomware since most of my documents have been encrypted. Already tried to use scrapers but none works and I do not know what else to do please I need your help. Thanks With this name appear my documents : [[email protected]] .5547467959573176636D55674C5342455A574E765A4755756258417A0D0A.happydayzz The rescue request is like the globe. scan_170319-230946.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt