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  1. Never mind, I got it to work! Thank you! Hello, A friend of mine was infected with Nemucod. I cleaned up the virus but I cannot get his files decrypted. I took some encrypted files and found old backups of the files but when I drag them to the decryptor I receive an error. "The decrypter could not determine a valid key for your system". The infected machine is windows XP. It did not work on the local machine so I tried doing it on my windows 10 PC but I still get the same errors. I included a video of what I am doing. Any assistance would be deeply appreciated. Thanks! Down On The Corner.mp3 Down On The Corner.mp3.crypted The Comfort Zone Logo (sticker ).ai.crypted The Comfort Zone Logo (sticker_).ai 2017-03-21_11-29-45.mp4