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  1. All those language file only take your hard disk space for 10.7 MB , isn't big , no idea why you decide to delete it .... ? And just like Fabian Wosar told you , if you enable self-protection , those file will download back itself .
  2. Thanks for your great explanation , i am full understand , I am pretty grateful Zemana sometimes had a very few alert alert with their Pandora technology is enable , (usually pop with a orange windows and note " suspicious " , not red) fortunately exclude them is easy ~ ------------------------- The Emsisoft are still the best antivirus(antimalware) software in my personal list
  3. Oh...i am not profession about this , But i think you might be right . All i am trying to say , just want to tell him, the Zemana had using different database and Engines , in some rare situation , Emsi and Bitdefender they may both miss some malware or Ransomware or BitcoinMiner , but other security program maybe won't , so use them both together can make sure to improve the detection probability .
  4. Yes , but never see it on my real PC , i am a pretty careful user , so never happen on my system But the video i shared on top , in the test , you can see some of Malware or Ransomware had be detected by EAM and Zemana both in same time .
  5. Yes , indeed , as i know , Zemana remove the HIPS from new version 2.X , But the real-time protect still working . Here is a link for EIRCA test , you can just try this link to test Zemana's real-time . and you will see Zemana real-time is still working even there is no HIPS . usually all the securtiy program will reaction immediately . In my experience , Zemana still had few times jump out the warring windows and block the suspicious file , and EAM do not . And that means Zemana still had their exclusive detection technology , I don't feel using them together is unuseful .
  6. @andrey Take a look for this video : Even Emsisoft did pretty well , but Zemana isn't unuseful , in this video test , you can saw that there is no one can have 100% detect for the Malware . In the old version for EIS (Emsisoft Internet Security ) had a WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) driver , they may have a compatibility issue with Malwarebytes ( Malwarebytes also had a WFP) , (however it never happen on me) And now seems EAM ( Emsisoft AntiMalware) had no WFP anymore , should be ok to install with other security tool or program .
  7. I had use Zemana AntiMalware/AntiLogger with Emsisoft many months already , and there is no any issue before , even on the Emsisoft Internet Security old version . Zemana's real-time protect with Pandora technology is good , but i think it's not the best , however , Zemana is light and quick response , still useful . As i know , Zemana are using not only one Engines to detect the Malware , but use plural Engines , unfortunately Zemana official refuse to talk what Engines they use . But i can guess , i believe the Bitdefender & Emsisoft Engines and database is not in their list , so for avert Bitdefender & Emsisoft may miss something , using Zemana with Emsisoft together , Seems not a bad idea .
  8. As i know , when you enter the license on your new PC , Emsisoft will jump out a license confirm windows and show your license seats and how many PC you have been use before , and you can select your old PC ( which your broken one ) , than confirm it , and your new PC now should replace your old one , and your license should be work right now . if it's not working , than i will suggest you to contact Emsisoft by email , Sales/Licensing: [email protected] The response is faster and more privacy
  9. I still highly recommended to create a account and register your license into it , registered your license with your account , can make sure your license never disappear or forget . That is not a smart way to save your license by notepad or save in your local machine , if there have one day your HDD or machine fault , you have to take a lot of time to save it back .
  10. For those issue i had report in this post , it had already be fix in the newest beta version - 2017.8.0.7904 . If you had and same issue like me , please update to the beta version
  11. I think the official answer will be " Not recommended " i guess . As i remember , the SecureAPlus had a real-time protect , i don't think that it's good idea to use with Emsisoft . however , you can choose to close the SecureAPlus's real-time protect , and use to be a second scanner .
  12. Dear David , Thanks for your reply , and I had received your email , we will continue to discuss those bugs by Email . And for those who also had the same bugs user , if there had any solution for those bugs , we will post right here to make everyone know
  13. Dear Emsisoft , First , my main language isn't English , so i do apology for my basic English , hope you guys won't mind . I had few very serious bugs had to report to Emsisoft official , because those problem are not just happen on me , but also happen on many many Mandarin(Chinese) Windows system user . My system : Windows 10 Home x64 ( with Chinese-Traditional language) Emsisoft Interent Security version : 2017.7.0.7838 Note : As i know , those bugs are not just happen on Windows 10 , but also Windows 7 , and all 64bit、32bit system . Bug 1 : A few days ago , Emsi had upgrade to the new 2017.7.0.7838 version , after Emsi install finished and reboot the system , this bug start happen . When we open the Emsisoft Security Center panel , and select the " logs " option , the CPU use rate will start to grew and staying at 25% ~ 30% , and it won't stop or lower . The most important is , the Emsisoft panel will freeze for few min (not always same , but usually 3~5 min) , and sometimes the crash is too serious , it will dead forever , at this moment , the Emsisoft panel everything can't work ! But the biggest problem is , the CPU use rate still can't get lower , the CPU freeze at 20% ~ 30% for the " Emsisoft Security Center " this Processing procedures , we try to exit the Emsisoft and restart , but not working , The Emsisoft process still there and can't reboot . Even using Work manager to force close it , but nothing happen . The only way i know how to fix it , is the user must to sign out the windows system and resign in , the Emsisoft will restart , and the CPU use rate problem will be solve . But if the user try again to switch into log page on Emsisoft panel , all the problem will restart it again . ====================== Bug 2 : The Surf Protection can't work ! When i switch to the Surf Protection panel , and select " Add new rule " , than enter the link (or website) that i want to block , those link i add can't be save into the Emsisoft !! E.g. : I enter a link like " " into Emsisoft Surf Protection panel , and finish setting , than i switch to other option , and switch back to Surf Protection panel , those link i add will be disappear immediately , all gone !! And very big opportunity , the Emsisoft Panel will crash in few sec , this crash will make all Emsisoft panel freeze and never restart , until i sign out the windows system and resign in . But the tricky thing is , those blacklist that the original official add , still working , if i visit those website , the Emsisoft surf protection still working ! Step1、Switch into the Surf Protection panel and enter the link i want to block Step2、finish the setting and press " OK " to save , confirm the link i add is already show on the panel Step3、Switch to other option and switch it back to Surf Protection panel , all my personal setting is disappear ! ========================================= I pretty like Emsisoft , so starting from February this year , i recommend more than hundred user to try Emsisoft , more than 10 user buy the premium by my recommend , and now , they had all the same problem with it . So they came for me and ask for the solution , unfortunately , even myself can not solve it , So i pretty hope the official can fix those very serious problem ASAP ..... Best regards , Kevin Yu
  14. Thanks for your answer But really hope this problem can be fix ASAP
  15. I had the same issue here , my windows 10 with 1703 version also had not detect Emsisoft firewall , too . I am using the Windows 10 x64 with home version , main language is Chinese . Did Emsisoft possible to fix it at the future ? or this problem have to wait Microsoft to resolve ? Thanks .
  16. I had install EAM with Malwarebytes , and they work together perfect . I don't think u need to remove(uninstall) Malwarebytes , you can just remove the Mcafee , after that , make sure you have reboot the system , than you can install emsisoft