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  1. Hi Sarah I ran the decrypter and majority of the files were successfully decrypted! Thank you so much for all the help I really do appreciate it. I will send an email in regards of sending a donation, you guys rock.
  2. Hi Sarah Okay I wasn't sure what the deal was with that file thank you for clearing that up for me. I have attached the .7z with the file I believe caused the infection. Again thank you so much for your help! Ransom.7z
  3. Hi Sarah thank you for trying to help me out I really appreciate it. I have attached the requested files. 4ED3EF509E69EE6A0E1444E23F92B97FC24F83098FE702B6AF409BCA6BFF8DA3C90DE2F6D849A8FEE4D5398FFAC100E8.locked phantasma - decipher.mp3 Recover my files.exe
  4. Hi so a few days ago my PC got infected with ransomware, the first time I have ever seen it. I reacted very quickly when I saw the ransom screen pop up and tried to system restore. When that didn't work I immediately removed the virus without thinking to copy down the ID. So I have been looking to decrypt my files that got locked. ID Ransomware says it's either Stampado or Philadelphia. I have tried running the Philadelphia decryptor multiple times with different files and it has not been able to find a key. Looking at screenshots of the ransom message I'm positive it's Stampado. Now my problem is I have no idea of finding out the ID. I checked the ransom note file and all other files it left behind on my PC and no ID! However it did leave me a file named 'recover my files' it is an .exe. Will clicking that bring my window up that contains my ID? You guys would know better than I would and I'm not going to go starting up more sketchy exe files without a full backup and removal of all other storage devices. I also still have the original rar files that contained the virus. Any help would be so very much appreciated. Majority of the files that got locked are either backed up or not important but there are a few I would really like to have still, and I'd much rather win that lose here. Thank you!!