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  1. You're a great ... I did !!!! thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
  2. Thank you, I just can not figure out which file is encrypted and what not, I can not identify them ... I give me some advice?
  3. Hello, I have attached the exe file ... I hope That you May I help .. please, please please can ... How To Recover Encrypted Files.hta
  4. Excuse me, I thought that the ransom was the one I posted you in the first message. So, you want me to send the file globe.exe? did I get it right? Sorry if I'm bothering much, I guess you have a lot to do.
  5. Hello everyone, and I hope you can help me. Last week, Sonoi infected with a ransomware which has encrypted all files with extension .globe me I tried to follow this guide: but without result, or rather, I can not find the "original" file, as they are all encrypted channels. Each time you start the computer, you receive a globe.exe window and is written this: Your files are Encrypted! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Your personal ID 0875907554075854616992124172171910500463374758396793148544612929193905952959980595434988939706445241 9354152206278685239997314666637153729900443529701097995493198346923905222916526541563114648718759849 0885767870188993570037505654697961444035801619233047574820423949121502072605599132993593155949604530 2495226991883667545012422759085368853667654989005927548118174800791879878401342617965797695077673892 6737286378272955122776973228584696734529212963607760781824307418372668026616524288684722086514232335 4059014264131224995115749992785233500378629925158173347385042643009530547365378098629593660737560183 187995799179959111 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Your documents, photos, databases, and other important data Has Been encrypted. For data recovery needs decryptor. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ To buy the decryptor, you must pay the cost of: 0.5 Bitcoin on the Bitcoin wallet: 1JA2f7F1JE3faUzavH89iDiZxtZqV1bB82 (Buy Bitcoins can be here or - Visa / MasterCard, Visa QIWI Wallet ..) -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ After the payment, send a letter to the email address [email protected] In the letter includes your personal identifier and Bitcoin wallet: 1JA2f7F1JE3faUzavH89iDiZxtZqV1bB82 In a response letter you will receive a program to decrypt. After start decryptor program, all your files will be restored. Help me understand how I can do to decrypt my files. Thank you all in advance