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  1. Hi Kevin, Did the above things. I read the articles. Thanks for your help. Grtz Fran
  2. Hi Kevin, I think your tip did the trick. Thanks a lot. Grtz Fran Walter
  3. EDIT: Still in Chrome the popups I mentioned earlier and in that reply I attached a screenshot. So perhaps uninstall Chrome? Or what can I do more. I'd rather not do this the hard way by doing a clean install of Windows (actually I will not be doing this myself) Hi Kevin, Only my keyboard and mouse (one USB) were connected. As this is a desktop I cannot without. Did as instructed and run the scan. No report on my desktop, but I found it and it's attached below. Grtz Fran Walter rk_E254.tmp.txt
  4. Hi Kevin, As said I redid the scan with RoqueKiler and this time I have a logfile for you. Grtz, Fran Walter Rkreport_SCN_03242017-130749.txt
  5. Hi Kevin, Well this didn't go well. I cannot find a log on my desktop. Although I followed instructions (I think I did) So I searched for it. Found it, but I don't think it is of much use. Anyway I can do the scan once more. I will be a lot of time away this weekend. (the theatergroup I work for is having their performances and I have to be there) I'm not sure I will be replying in due time rk_9586.txt
  6. EDIT: I made some screenshots. Problem not solved I think. This only happens in Chrome. Firefox is just fine. See the attached screenshots. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your thourough reply with steps I unexperienced as I am with this kind of trouble shooting, can do. So I followed your steps and attached the requested logfiles so you can check if the problem is solved now. I do have a question left: In order to tackle the problem I now have several programms on my pc. Which ones do I hold, and which ones have to be uninstalled. I have: FRST64 AdwCleaner JRT Malwarebytes Spyware fighter hitmanpro EmsisoftEmergencyKit A little bit overdone I think. So your advice is welcome what I can use that goes well with my Kaspersy Internet Security. Thanks a lot for helping. Grtz Fran Walter FRST.txt Addition.txt Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt JRT.txt
  7. I noticed browsing with Chrome several popups and screens/tabs that say my Windows doesn't work etc, inviting you to click on. (of course I don't, but it's a sign something wrong here). Run Kaspersky Internet Security at first, but no finds, but still the same problem. So I went looking further: Malwarebytes didn't find anything exept programms from IOBIT. This is my brothers old pc and he installed the programm, actually I don't use it, but I didn't remove it. And then I found your programm. The results are attached. Hope you can help me. Grtz, Fran Walter FRST.txt scan_170322-122456.txt Addition.txt
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