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  1. Im getting an error when trying to install in to Microsoft Edge Reporting this problem will help us understand it better. You can wait for a while and try again or restart your device. That may help. Code: 0x80072F8F
  2. Hi i installed an app i believe to be a spoof or something worse, is there anyway of scanning my ipad for possible malware or viruses ? my worry is its linked to my PC and may provide access to my local network ? regards Haydn
  3. well i originally purchased internet security but emsisoft did an update and i think that since that time (not sure when) i only have malware protection ? i do not see the firewall option on my GUI
  4. Hi ive done a full win 10 install and I think previously when I had Emsisoft malware protection installed the firewall was off by default but now I keep getting a warning after turning off the windows firewall manually should I have it on or off please many thanks H
  5. I think I found it it was the intel chipset update service apparently the first update software was causing all sorts of issues but ive installed the update and appears to have cured it many thanks H
  6. i keep getting pop ups malicious code detected in the following file : c:program files\intel\sur\queencreek\task.vbs any help gratefully recived Haydn
  7. Hi Kevin seems to be running much better thank you for all your help, Kevin (The Mal Miester) Zoll I still haven't got my Instagram back I'm guessing that's lost forever as they don't have phone support and the hack reports ive raised with Instagram have returned no results Ive closed the old email account that was used in multiple applications and log ins, as it appears this was the basis of the hacking once the hacker / bot had this it was using it predominantly to track trace my accounts in multiple applications, took pretty much a week to change everything over to new accounts and try and get a defence to the attacks that seemed to be predominantly on my bank and financial accounts, luckily my banking orgs have a three part access process that is very hard to crack, I'm a little worried about trying to get my Instagram back as this may make me a target again so may be worth just opening a new account Emsisoft made the whole process easier to deal with I thought I was going to have to do a full windows reinstall to clear all the bugs but thanks to you guys ive saved a lot of data that would normally have been lost it seems once I downloaded this rouge malware they closed down my virus protection including Malwarebytes that appears useless against this form of malware Thanks Again to the whole Emsisoft team regards Paul Davies SE UK
  8. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170402-231336.txt
  9. Hoping its fixed X fingers crossed Fixlog.txt
  10. Hi the emsisoft security kept quarantining your fixlist so i had to restore it, i noticed some files i create become read only and it is difficult to make them read write i guess this prevents anti malware programs removing newly installed programs and scipts ? Fixlog.txt
  11. I did Kevin but since I got my laptop working it started running really slow considering it should be faster than a mac book pro I was up until 2am as I needed to process images for clients and found my c:\windows temp file had been made read only once I made it read write I was able to clean 2.8 gigs worth of data and the laptop is running ok
  12. Hi Elise I tried the virus total site but couldn't really make sense of it but here are the screen shots of what Emsisoft see's and the file location it says Facebook I wonder if these are windows apps downloadable from the Microsoft store I do have the Facebook app from there unknown aplications screenshot.rtf winUAPentry_screenshot.rtf
  13. Thanks GT I hired a 2013 GT 500 when I was in California a few years ago being a ford man at the time I had a focus RS mk2 at home loved it I was with 20 others who all hired corvettes, I think they were jealous regards Paul SE UK
  14. Hi While checking my firwall on Emsisoft I found this anomaly winuapentery.exe Emsisoft dosent seem to know what it is and google holds few answers any help gratefully accepted regards Paul
  15. Hi Kevin After i ran your process i installed Emsisoft and ran a scan which found these that have all been quarantined can i see my laptop as safe now regards Paul
  16. JRT.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt Many thanks Paul
  17. Hi Arthur thanks for the reply I am going to Spain on Sunday working and really need my laptop for photography please advise the fastest and cheapest form of licence allocation and ill gladly pay for peace of mind I have submitted logs for the laptop under the title "hacked email and Instagram (laptop)" which is in a bad way looks like I downloaded winzip from a spoof site and possibly opened an infected email either way I'm too worried about using that in spain the other option I guess is to use your mobile protection or is it better to use the internet security I currently have purchased for PC Please can you choose the best option and advise how I can pay so we can get the wheels in motion asap please Many thanks Paul Davies
  18. Hi ive just purchased Emsisoft \internet security it found issues with my PC and laptop that Mcafee and Malwarebytes failed to locate two questions 1 / Will I need to uninstall Mcafee and Malwarebytes to prevent conflicts 2 / Can I install on PC and Laptop IE does the licence cover both Many thanks Paul H Davies SE UK
  19. HI I'm about to purchase Emisoft I have installed Mcafee and Malwarebytes that appear not to have picked up my infections will I need to uninstall these first before installing Emisoft Please Many thanks Paul Davies SE UK
  20. Hi this is the result from the reports created form running Emsisoft on my lap top it dosen't look good the laptop and only stayed online long enough to update your software Cant understand why Malwarebytes didn't pick this up Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170324-090949.txt
  21. I hope I'm not being a pain and ill gladly make a contribution to Emisoft but I have a laptop that suffers the same it mimics my PC in many ways I'm scared to turn it on in case it signals the hacker, would it be ok to run the same process on the laptop, I think when my PC was first hacked they killed the SSD drive as I only had it two weeks and the hard drive failed it could have been a coincidence and was covered by warranty but since I've had these hacking issues Trouble is I think youngsters today think if they become good enough at hacking they'll gain employment with security companies almost glorifying the act of making peoples lives a bloody misery I did go to Malwarebytes forum and advised I was seeing outgoing connection attempts from something called table.zip they didn't seem to know what it was and I received no assistance, then one day I logged in and found my Malwarebytes and BT virus protection off I turned it back on and thought nothing of it maybe there was more to it that happens on the laptop mainly
  22. Hi Kevin thank you for your assistance here Fixlog.txt
  23. Ive noticed the attacks tend to happen PM so I went through task scheduler to see if anything ran midday on that could open a door and I could only find Nvidia does some sort of broadcast check ive disabled that process since It all started when I received two emails saying my passwords were changed on EA Sport and the broadcast service rub by Nvidia cant remember its name but it seems that service game recording etc is on by default so that's disabled also When the attacks occur I loose my BB connection for a brief period