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  1. There is no exclusion to the av folder, my current path is "d:\scanners\emsisoft" can different installation drive cause the problem ?
  2. Hi I tried to search for any log in the follow path you mentioned, but didn't find any thing. Yes, the processes still running in the memory and the only way to stop is to remove it manually or restart the machine.
  3. Can i cancel the process "emdmp.exe" so it will not run again ? because the server is not connected to the internet and therefor the log will not send to emsisoft.
  4. Hello, I have Emsisoft commandline scanner installed on my server, recently i witness some strange behavior. There is a process called "emdmp.exe" that got several instances , is it work properly on my server and what does this processes do ? thank in advanced
  5. Thank you for the detailed answer. So if i understand you correctly , the a2cmd engine in default will process a scan with all CPU cores in the system. and when i want to parse or limit the process i need to use the command you mentioned above , am i right ?
  6. Hi, Does the "Emsisoft Commandline Scanner" use in default setting with all cpu cores or just one of them ? And can i change the performance settings inside the file settings.ini?
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