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  1. csatech

    Uninstallation causing boot failure

    Go back into the registry as directed earlier and double check that the entry isn't in again. I had made the mistake of forgetting to turn off the entry in Kabuto that wound up reinstalling Emsisoft immediately,. Also, check that the epp listing isn't in "ControlSet001 or 002 as well. I'm not sure if those are active keys, but I made sure the entries had been removed from there as well.
  2. csatech

    Uninstallation causing boot failure

    I misspoke in regard to EAM having an update "in the wind". It did, however, reinstall... but I realized that was my fault; it was still turned on in Kabuto. So when it synced it wasn't there and it reinstalled. Bottom line is that the problem was the eppdisk setting in the registry. the version of EAM installed had been 2017.2 As to having a copy/export of the registry for comparison, I do not. I am however gun-shy at this point, and irregardless of the system, I'm checking the registry first before performing any uninstalls! Thanks for the help!
  3. csatech

    Uninstallation causing boot failure

    The same thing happened this morning on another system at the same location. I removed the entry from the registry and the system booted. I then applied the same repair to the original system after uninstalling EAM and rebooted. Interestingly, EAM must have had an "update" in the wind, so to speak, because after rebooting, EAM was installed again. I uninstalled it again and checked the registry; the problem setting wasn't there. All's well! Thanks for all the help! Hat's off to all!
  4. csatech

    Uninstallation causing boot failure

    Thanks GT500. I had to return the system back to the Township office after restoring a working image for now. David, from Emsisoft, provided similar instructions to yours as well last night. I intend on attempting this process again my next available time slot. I'll keep you posted.
  5. I have a Win7Pro system that when I uninstall Emsisoft from the system, it creates a non-bootable system with an error 0xc000000e. LUCKILY, I have an image backup that has allowed me to restore it. I've isolated the issue to ensure nothing else was causing it. This system is a local townships computer, so I have to return it to get them back up and running ASAP.
  6. csatech

    Failed To Install via Kabuto

    UPDATE: Both systems are now installed. Kabuto released a patch.
  7. Good Morning, Two systems today refuse to install EAM. All I get is the " Failed to install will try again on next sync". Multiple uninstalls, reboots, etc.
  8. Thanks Frank. I'll get them installed tomorrow! Great work!
  9. @Frank: Glad you were able to replicate it! By "normalize" do you just mean non-maximized?
  10. Yes, I am. As I also earlier mentioned, as a reminder, one client is a WIN7Pro system in a domain, the other a WIN10H system... in case you also wanted that detail.
  11. Hi Frank, It "seems" that I can reproduce the problem by rebooting. But it sometimes will reoccur later on as well. I set the debugging, rebooted and waited for the problem to occur. I've zipped all the log files from that folder from today's date and have attached them here. Note: Once I "Disable Emsisoft Protection" the problem disappears. At that point I just restart Emsisoft AntiMalware to ensure my client is protected. Look forward to your response. Cody EmsiSoftLogs_ES.zip
  12. GT500: I've attached the FRST logs for the system when it presents the problem. Note: I also have logs from when it's not presenting... same client. I've added _ES to the end of the file names to keep straight as to which client they originated from. Thanks! Addition_ES.txt FRST_ES.txt
  13. GT500: Do you need me to run the scan when the issue is presenting? Or can I run it when the issue isn't?
  14. I'll get some logs and submit them as soon as I can. Thanks!