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  1. Confirmed! Working for me now as well. Thanks EmsiSoft Support!
  2. Is there still no fix for this? They've had my log files now for over 2 weeks!
  3. I don't think so. I uninstalled BOTH HMPA and Zemana and then reinstalled Emsisoft and ... NO LUCK. Continues to not shut down properly. To: Emisisoft Support - been a week since QA team got the logs. Any updates?
  4. Log files have been sent. Please advise once you've looked them over. If you did not receive them, please post here and let me know.
  5. Removing other security software did not resolve issue.
  6. No other new software had been installed. And Emsisoft had been working perfectly for months.
  7. Enabled. When disabled, shutdown works correctly. I would like a fix on this.Problem only started happening with recent Emsisoft update. No other
  8. Need some help. With the latest Emsisoft update, my windows 10 64bit pc will no longer will shut down properly. I have tried: uninstalling any potentially competing software. Didn't help. However, uninstalling Emsisoft eliminates the problem ... UNTIL ... I reinstall Emsisoft - then, it starts happening all over again. I even tried restoring my PC (from backup) to a much earlier configuration ... no good. As soon as Emsisoft is reinstalled, the problem happens all over again. Ive attached some files ... please help me get this resolved. Re-start works perfectly, but if I shut down, the screen goes blank but the PC will not shut off until I force it with the power button. And yes, I've tried right clicking the windows icon and doing a more "complete shutdown" ... same end result. See attached files. P.S. Although VoodooShield, HitmanPro and Zemana show here ... the same result occurs with these programs completely uninstalled and pc rebooted, and with Chrome closed. Because those changes made no impact, I restored my latest set-up and then ran First64 to generate these files so you'll see them mentioned in these files, but don't let that throw you off. Emsisoft has been working PERFECTLY until the latest update. Now, PC won't shut down even when those programs (and more) are uninstalled. The ONLY thing that seems to help is removing EmsiSoft, which of course I don't want to do. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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