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  1. Thanks for the advice, but I directly deactivated the RPD. I had another issue with the tool.... After having found the key a second time... I ran the tool and started decrypting files. After a while the tool froze on a very big file (120GB). But it has decrypted many other a such size. I had to close the tool and restart it again for searching the key a third time... However, I did a screenshot of the tool when it was displaying the key, in case of need. Having the possibility to start the tool and load an existing key would give a better flexibility to your tool. Apa
  2. It took around 32 hours for the tool to find the key !! Guys you are AWESOME!! However, I got an issue with the tool... After a while it ran out of memory... I know it worked as some files have been properly deciphered. The problem is that the disk ran out of space... My bad I didn't pay attention of the checkbox to delete the encrypted files. The tool has deciphered many files but stopped working when missing space. I had to cancel the decryption. But nothing was working anymore. The folder select window was empty, no way to select other folder... The logs was working, I saw li
  3. Hi, I'm fighting with the CryptON ransomware for a month and half now. I'm really happy you come to people like me with a tool to decrypt files. So first of all, Thanks a lot to the Emsisoft team to work on creating a decryptor tool. In my case, this is my personal server that has been compromised. I have 2.5To of data to decipher... However my server is built with a low power consumption architecture, so the CPU is not really fast. It is an Intel Atom 1.6GHz. Using your tool directly on my server would take a while to search and find the key. So my quest
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