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  1. Yes, I have emsisoft emergency kit installed on my computer, but for some reason my computer cannot load the link for the farbar recovery scan tool. Can you recommend another site for me to download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool? Thanks, sorry.
  2. Dear Emsisoft experts, Recently I think my computer seems to have been infected by an lssas.exe virus. It started last Friday, when I decided to use bitdefender to do a scan, when I saw that it said my computer was not protected. My Emsisoft Emergency Kit also detected Application.AdReg(A), which I delected after detection. Afterwards, I looked at the task manager, and it says that an "lssas.exe" file is running. Is it a trojan/virus? If it is, how can I remove it? Specs: Samsung Notebook 9, Windows 10 Many thanks, Tsarcoal
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