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  1. It didnot finish no matter what. It kept running for the whole day for more than 9 hours, & i had to end it by shutting it down. Should I run it again or what should i do? Please help
  2. I have done what you asked me to, but the program is taking forever to "fix" it. Is it normal? Its already been 7 hours & still running. .
  3. Thank you so much. I have attached FRST & EEK logs below. About this "Be sure to let me know how things are running" : I dont know. I cant see any difference. Thanks! ( Except for one thing. Ever since i was infected, some websites seem to have stopped working for me. They dont load in my system. Whereas they load properly when i use proxy or use my ipad with the same network. Does this have anything to do with malware? ) FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_170414-131502.txt
  4. Got it. Thanks again. Have decided to go with EAM, along with HitManPro.alert ( heard from people that HMP.alert & EAM go well together & dont clash. I hope this is true )
  5. Thank you so much for the help. Here is the log file.. Fixlog.txt
  6. I dont use a router. I connect directly to internet via 4G provider. Maybe i should go for EIS then I saw that Voodooshield is meant to work very well with EIS, in their official website. So thought of using it along with EIS after gathering some information about it. Thank you so much for all the details.
  7. I am using Windows 10 in my new laptop bought less than a month ago. I try to be careful when it comes to malware. I use a bunch of anti malware software & run scans once a week. Everything seemed ok until 2 days back. 2 days back, I had a college presentation & had to plug in my friend's USB drive which had lots of viruses. I did not want to, but had to click on the shortcut virus to open her files since i was standing in front of the whole class & i had to give the presentation. It also had an autorun virus along with others. I could not unplug the USB drive until i finished with my presentation. Can someone please help me on what to do to get rid of all of them which may have infected my OS while I plugged the drive in my laptop? I have tried scanning again & again, till all the scan results were clean. But still i fear some may be left out. what should i do? ( Certain websites wont load no matter whatever i do. Does this have something to do with Malware? If i use proxy, they load. But on my own connection, certain websites never load. I dont use router. I use internet via 4G provider ) I use zemana antimalware, emergency kit scanner from emsisoft, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Security Scan & TDSS Killer from kaspersky, ESET online scanner, Norton security scan, aswmbr from avast, Malwarebytes 3.0, adwcleaner & JRT from malwarebytes, superantispyware to run on-demand scans. I ran all of these again & again till all of them came up with clean results. I tried running all of these in safe mode as well, but got clean results again. ( I use avira free antivirus as my main antivirus. ) what should i do now? How can i find out if my laptop is clean or not? Someone please help me out on this. Would be highly thankful if someone could come up with a solution to ensure my laptop is 100% clean. I have attached all the three logs below. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_170411-155012.txt
  8. MBAM/ zemana premium paid versions with real time protection? Or you are talking about the free versions of MBAM/ Zemana which can be used as on demand scanners?
  9. I wont go with this, unless i am sure about not having any malware.. & if its an antivirus software, then i am not supposed to run any other paid antimalware softwares like MalwareBytes 3.0 premium, or Zemana premium along with this?
  10. I have a gaming laptop ASUS, which i bought a month ago. Windows 10. I use Avira free anti virus & MalwareBytes free version to run scans once a week. But now i want to go for a paid version of anti malware along with using the avira free anti virus. I am thinking about going for Emsisoft antimalware. But I saw some tests ( like AVTest ) which concluded that emsisoft does not block much threats & slows down the system. Is that true? Can it be trusted to protect my system fully? Emsisoft users, need your feedback please! & the only difference between Emsisoft Internet Security & Emsisoft Antimalware is that EIS includes a firewall. But isnt windows firewall safe enough to use? Do i actually need the Emsisoft firewall to complete total protection? And is EIS an antivirus? So it means it is going to clash with my avira AV & I need to uninstall Avira completely? In case EIS acts like an anti virus, I should not go for other anti malware with real time protection like MB premium, or zemana premium which can clash with it right? What am i allowed to run beside EIS? ( IF it is necessary to have another layer of protection besides EIS ) And what is this VoodooShield that i hear about? I dont seem to understand what it is, no matter how hard i try. Can someone please help me out on this. Thanks in advance!
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