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  1. In quarantined objects...

    If there are two or more can not be selected together to eliminate, it must be done one by one....

    in a detection of many objects it is going to become tedious the elimination!!!

  2. Error mapping types.

    Mapping types:
    SettingsDataEntryInternal -> SettingsDataEntryUI
    A2Enterprise.Entities.SettingsDataEntryInternal -> A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.Model.SettingsDataEntryUI

    Type Map configuration:
    SettingsDataEntryInternal -> SettingsDataEntryUI
    A2Enterprise.Entities.SettingsDataEntryInternal -> A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.Model.SettingsDataEntryUI

    UpdateSet (AutoMapper.AutoMapperMappingException)
       en lambda_method(Closure , SettingsDataEntryInternal , SettingsDataEntryUI , ResolutionContext )
       en lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object , ResolutionContext )
       en AutoMapper.Mapper.AutoMapper.IMapper.Map[TDestination](Object source)
       en AutoMapper.Mapper.Map[TDestination](Object source)
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.AutoMapping.AutoMapperService.Map[TDestination](Object source)
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.SettingsDataEntryAdapter.FilledDataEntry()
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.ViewEditResetSettings.EditedSettingsViewModel.LoadData()
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.ViewEditResetSettings.EditedSettingsScreen.<>c__DisplayClass4_1.<OnHandleCreated>b__0(ManualResetEvent _)
       en A2EGui.Dialogs.WaitDialog.DoAction()

    No se reconoce la cadena como un valor de DateTime válido. Hay una palabra desconocida a partir del índice 6. (System.FormatException)
       en System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles)
       en System.DateTime.Parse(String s)
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.Model.UpdateSettingsUI.set_Frequency(String value)
       en A2EGui.Screens.ClientSettings.AutoMapping.UpdateSettingsUIResolver.Resolve(SettingsDataEntryInternal source, SettingsDataEntryUI destination, UpdateSettingsUI destMember, ResolutionContext context)
       en lambda_method(Closure , SettingsDataEntryInternal , SettingsDataEntryUI , ResolutionContext )

  3. eam was working without problems but yesterday the icon did not appear in the taskbar, try to uninstall the product and it appeared that the Unistall file was missing.

    download the emsiclean and run it and without any problem uninstall the product.

    Now that I try to install the eam again, this appears:


    I run the emsiclean again and this appears:


    Please I need your help!!!

  4. Direct disk access mode
    As mentioned above, the scanner is able to search files that are hidden by active rootkits by utilizing our own NTFS file system parser instead of Windows APIs. Direct disk access mode allows the Emsisoft scanner to bypass security checks and go directly to a file location to find protected malware.

    The downside of this method is how immensely time consuming it can be. Therefore it should only be used for specific folders that may contain rootkits. There is not much to gain by using this feature to scan your whole disk, which is why this option is disabled by default. Rootkit scan always uses the direct disk access mode feature, so rest assured that it’s automatically set to be utilized when necessary.

    - but how can a normal user know what folder to look for?

  5. what I know:

    • OpenDNS Home – y - FILTERING
    • Comodo Secure DNS – y - Security
    • Quad9 - (IBM) - Privacy and Security
    • Norton ConnectSafe – y - Security

    The other  just alternative DNS services

    Please, If I'm wrong, please have someone with more information correct what I mentioned above... :rolleyes:

    • Quad9 - (IBM)
    • Level3 – y
    • Verisign – y
    • Google – y
    • WATCH – y
    • Comodo Secure DNS – y
    • OpenDNS Home – y
    • DNS Advantage – y
    • Norton ConnectSafe – y
    • GreenTeamDNS – y
    • SafeDNS – y
    • OpenNIC – y
    • SmartViper – y
    • Dyn – y
    • FreeDNS – y
    • Alternate DNS – y
    • DNS – y
    • dk – y
    • Hurricane Electric –
    • puntCAT –
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