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  1. Hi, Can I import a file from several hosts that I want to block from the console?
  2. No sé si esta info ayude... ya que estaba buscando info de este Ransomware y no existe herramienta actual para Desencriptar, supuestamente hace doble encriptación y así es muy difícil...
  3. Link Pro: https://deals.bleepingcomputer.com/sales/glasswire-pro-lifetime-license-2 Link Elite: https://deals.bleepingcomputer.com/sales/glasswire-elite-lifetime-license-2 GlassWire: Lifetime License (70% OFF)
  4. Appear 2 Bugs in the new update 1. Error in Reports > Behavior Blocker in EEC 2. No appear the alternative news area message in EAM
  5. 10/02/2017 20:18:21: Fatal - No se pudieron convertir algunas o todas las referencias de identidad. Fatal - Some or all of the identity references could not be converted.
  6. after the new update the console does not respond, the services run ok.. I have reinstalled the console but it does not respond yet
  7. Last week, a piece of news shook the IT world. The US government had banned federal agencies from using security software from Russian company Kaspersky as the Department of Homeland Security was worried about potential connections between Kaspersky and the Russian secret service. In an unprecedented move, all Kaspersky software now has to be removed from all government PCs within 150 days. Looking closer, a couple a questions arise the most important of which is: is there anything left that is safe to install? Read more... https://blog.ashampoo.com/en/2017-09-19/the-case-against-kaspersky-a-cold-war-on-our-pcs
  8. Emsisoft Firewall vs Windows Firewall When Microsoft introduced the Windows Firewall in a late Windows XP Service Pack update, it was a bit of an embarrassing performance and the software could not be taken too seriously, which led us to build a stronger alternative. But with the release of Windows 7, the Windows Firewall started to do its job much more effectively, and the latest Windows 10 version pretty much does everything you could expect from a desktop firewall. Its only architectural flaw is that its settings (and firewall rules) can be freely edited by anyone or anything that attains the required permission level. In other words, if malware manages to run on the PC, it’s able to allow itself to get through the firewall. That was one of the main reasons for us to maintain our own firewall component.
  9. The last Ransomware no was Petya... https://blog.comae.io/petya-2017-is-a-wiper-not-a-ransomware-9ea1d8961d3b
  10. If Mamatu first detects malware obviously Bitdefender will not detect it later
  11. Thank you Dear Christian, the doubt has been totally resolved! Best Regards!!!!
  12. Dear Jeremy thank you, my question is whether the same software that is installed in Windows 7, 8 and 10 is for Windows Server too, is the same software with different price?
  13. Hi Dear Emsisoft, regards from Colombia, sorry, I still doubt: Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Anti-Malware Server are the same? The same software for PC and Server? Best Regards!
  14. parental lock, A web filtering module provides a protected environment for children and teenagers online. It enables blocking of predefined content categories. Any changes to parental lock are possible after entering a password.
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