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  1. I have 12 PCs in EEC.  For some reason, two PCs now show "Not managed".  

    Q1:  So that I can perhaps avoid this, why did this happen?  

    Q2:  The PCs are doctors PCs so what's the least invasive way to fix this?  Clicking [solve] simply takes me to "Deployment settings" but this doesn't apply.  I tried "Create Package", but "ERROR: Emsisoft Anti-Malware was already installed.  Installation canceled."

  2. There is an indirect way to export the managed computers into a csv.

    However, to help setup EEC quickly and accurately, please provide the functionality to export and Import:

    1. Computer Policies (Custom names and defined policies)

    2. User Policies (Custom names)

    3. EEC Settings (minus logs, licenses)

    I don't need the export to include licenses or computer names, etc.,  However, that would be a great backup option.


  3. Hi everyone,

    Product:  Emsisoft Enterprise Console, version:  2017.3.0.2894

    OS:  W7 Ultimate 64 SP1, 16GB RAM

    Additional Info:  Prior to Emsisoft Enterprise Console installation, Emsisoft Anti-Malware has been installed for nearly a year.  Malwarebytes 3.0.6 is also installed but off and terminated.  No other firewall besides Windows.

    Day 1:  Install EEC, connected local Emsisoft Anti-Malware.  EEC worked as expected (tested EEC using EEC to force EAM to update defs successfully).  Turned off computer.

    Day 2:  Turned on computer, launched EEC, "Server: localhost did not respond".

    I disabled Windows firewall, no change.  Emsisoft Logs don't show any blocking.

    I welcome any suggestions.


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