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  1. Hi that are the thing i want to know if Adguard uses WFP or Heimdal, as i can see you dont recomend heimdal, but what about Adguard GT500? and tell me did i have to uninstall heimdal and Adguard whith revo or controlpanel are enough? I never use ublock it are good? Adguard every time blocks bad sites, and dont let browser open pop ups who say "click to ad extensión to close this window", scams or rasomware sites. I am considering delete that two softwares if are incompatible. Now i will uninstall heimdal, but what about Adguard?
  2. The same for me, i see in action center EIS active but in Windows defender panel i see firewall desactivate
  3. Hi i am using this both software alongside whith emsi i want to know if are incompatible, i know heimdal are a updater and antirasomware and they say are compatible whith every av. I know Adguard has antipishing. I know have a problema whith emsi fw i want to know if another members use it or if emsi staff say have to remove. I like Adguard because block popups and heimdal i use it for bank transactions
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