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  1. No, all websites are using Cloudflare. See
  2. My license need update, so I visited Emsisoft CC webpage and I encountered this: One more step Please complete the security check to access One more step Please complete the security check to access And I have to solve image captcha 10+ times! This is very annoying. When I was using Kaspersky and Norton, I never had this problem because they don't use Cloudflare. As far as I know, only EMSISOFT is using Cloudflare. Other security companies are not using this. Why did you start using Cloudflare? Here's what I think about Cloudflare, based on my experience. My company adopted Cloudflare once. A week later we got tons of emails about "cloudflare captha" issues. We also noticed negative access counts. So we removed CLoudflare and install WAF to Apache instead. Cloudflare is BAD. If you want many internet user, you shouldn't use this. I also had a hard time register this account because of captcha. Thank you for wasting my 1 hour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Fabian Wosar said in here: "... All shop transactions etc. are not going through Cloudflare." Which is a lie. is a shopping website. It IS using Cloudflare.