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  1. Hi - My PC was infected by the Stampado ransomware and I can't decrypt my locked files (and there's a lot). I've attached some files being - the exe's (in fact there seems to be 2 or 3 of these with different names), the txt file showing the email of the ransomer, plus a locked file and the original file. I know the code is 4.31BAE4DE and the ransom email is [email protected] but I can't work out the salt because the exe seems to fail halfway so the PC doesn't seem to think it is infected anymore (all of the locked files have dates of 5th and 6th April only). I hope someone can advise. I've tried other steps listed in the forum including trying to use the decrypter, which sees the locked files but can't detect the salt. Many thanks, MCR WIPESHADOW.EXE helpar.exe Recover my files.exe How to recover my files.txt 95E0BFD0A359CCCFE8AE37D817C5DF11A5084669E5C4B00108024EC5CCD72106E306ED0F.locked 70_JingleBells.m4a