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  1. Thank you, Sarah. Too bad, I wish there's a way to decrypt it somehow. Are all Cryakl ransomware not decryptable right now or is it just this strain (drakosha...) that can't be decrypted?
  2. I believe in 72 hours if the thread is not active, it will be closed? I'll just bump here, just in case. I still haven't found a way to retrieve my file back.
  3. Hello, my PC and server got infected by a ransomware. > My work files are encrypted with "[email protected] [email protected]@@@@D0B9-DB2E.randomname-KLMOPQRSSTTUVVWXXYYYZAABCCCDEE.GHH.iik" and other random extension names. I've searched forums and tried decryption utility from Kaspersky, Emsisoft, etc and still cannot decrypt the file. Some forums said it's a new Cryakl (?) strain and suggested that I do system restore and file restore applications. Too bad, my PC don't have a system restore checkpoint (turned out it was turned off), and file restore applications cannot find the files. > The encrypted file and the real file have a small different file size. I have two of the file samples, if needed. > Along with the drakosha, my PC was also infected by Globe3 (all files encrypted had a file extension .7), and fortunately the files are already rescued with Emsisoft's decryption utility. I've attached the scan files below. Thank you very much. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170425-152652.txt