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  1. It's been over a month. They can't crack this one. I suggest if you want your files back to try the Proven Data Recovery company as someone mentioned earlier in this thread. Please report back with your experiences with them.
  2. @JimmyJAPA I've heard reports of the decrypter.exe files they send you contains viruses. Can you confirm or deny this?
  3. If no good progress is being made towards the decrypter then at least tell us? A lot of us are waiting when we could pay data restoration companies. Been 3+ weeks.
  4. @mclaugb Did you check if the decrypter .exe files contained any viruses? Many people reported they do.
  5. @AL3918 Thanks for letting us know. Can you let us know how the data recovery process went? Did you have to send ALL 222GB of your files to them? Or did they send you a decrypter?
  6. Correcting a couple of the above users who said they have a 32 byte difference - it's 36 bytes, at least, that's what 99% of us here are dealing with.
  7. Same deal as the users above, the newest decrypter didn't work unfortunately. It attempted to brute force but was not successful. Our file byte size difference is 36 bytes.
  8. Hi Sarah. I don't mean to rush but do you have an estimate as to when Fabian will be able to roll out the new version of the decrypter?
  9. I've also been hit by the Cry9 ransomware. It seems that's the one doing the most damage as of late. I've tried Fabian's Cry9 decrypter but unfortunately didn't have much success with it. I got the same error as the users above: "Encrypted file needs to be exactly 68 bytes bigger". The byte size difference is 36. Hoping Fabian can come up with a solution!
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