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  1. thank you for helping me. I can't see the post you are taliking "Ransom ID" website on the Ransomware FirstAid" forum so where can i upload those 2 files? thank you
  2. Hi, its started this morning when i tried to open an excel file. it was saying "format or file extention not valid" and this for all my excel files. then all my photos are getting unviewable for the same error message. my files are still there but cant open it. i did a malware scan and Malwarebyte found " malware ransom agent generic" its now in quarantaine. i read that was possible to recover files encrypted but as i can see all ransomware change the extention of the files. however my files kept all the original extention. exemple the file name will be "excelfiles.xlsm" and not something like "excelfiles.xlsm.mp3..." so i dont know which tool should i use to decrypt my files those are really important files since im photographer and my married wants to get their photos... please anyone help me