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  1. I am unable to get information from an account that I have online. I understand that it uses a popup. It is to receive the bill for the account. I click on the date and a circle begins to go arround for a few seconds and then stops with nothing happening. Is there something in the web browser protection that could cause this? I have the site with exception in FF for blocking popups. Windows 10 Home Emsisoft version 2019.2.0.9269 DESKTOP-M7CPVCS.speccy
  2. I decided to force stop the page through task manager before putting to sleep last night. When I tried Firefox today, at first it would not connect to the internet. I feared that that was a leftover from the "attack". But eventually things have normalized. Is anyone able to comment on this?
  3. I suspect that this is a hoax or an amatuer attempt to get the gullible (especially those who have not heard of the excellent work of Emsisoft in this line). As far as I have been able to determine, the only problem is a supposed web page that is not able to be closed. I hope my analysis is correct.
  4. ID Ransomeware gives this Case SHA1: 63233ad46db52749a3ae9e00b47731173f34af21 Virus Total gives this. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/2ca72b808fe3d6ad5311d548be3117e7f5c22ebcbd7189f0bbf943eb6eac1847/details
  5. er0r-str32.xyz/ fire/ index. php?pn= This page came up when I opened a web page. (I inserted 3 spaces just in case something could be activated) It claims that www.support.microsoft.com says: Your computer has been blocked Error # 268D3 Please call us immediately at ' +1870-376-0812 ' Do not ignore this critical alert.... I read first steps when dealing w/ ransomware, but I am not sure how to carry out many steps. I closed CC Cleaner and my backup. I am not sure if that disables the Cleaner. I thought that I was not able to open another browser in FF which is what I use but yes I can.
  6. Lately I have had problem with play store opening with a specific app to install when using Firefox. I go to the loaded apps and close, but quite often another play store app loads. I ran Emsisoft mobile but it does not detect anything. Android version 4.4.2. Could this be malware?