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  1. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  2. Interesting. I've been running Emsisoft Antimalware and Norton Security together for over a year and have had no problems at all.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep that in mind. All is working fine now. Bill
  4. OK... very strange. I re-booted my machine this morning and now auto updates and schedules scans are working. I was going to uninstall and install to try and fix the problem, but now I don't have to. Today was the first time I re-booted since entering my license key. I guess re-booting is a requirement although I didn't see in the instructions that it was required. Thanks, Bill
  5. Yes, the time and date are correct. it is really strange. Maybe tomorrow I'll try uninstalling and re-installing it to see if that helps. Thanks, Bill
  6. "Update the software and detection patterns automatically" is checked and set for every one hour between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM. These are the settings I had before I entered the license code. Nothing was changed other than entering the license code and now auto updating isn't working. Also I checked this morning and my scheduled scans are not working either. Both auto updating and scheduled scans were working fine until I entered the license code. Any ideas what might be the problem? Thanks, Bill
  7. A couple days ago I received a one year license for EmsiSoft for upgrading my SyncBackSE. I entered the license code I received into the copy of EmsiSoft that I already had installed on my computer which I was trialing. All seemed to go well. The program now shows I am licensed for a year. However, automatic updates have stopped working. None have run since I entered the license information on June 8th. Today I looked and EmsiSoft said my program was up to date and it had been a day since my last update (I ran a manual update yesterday). So I ran another manual update today and it did find updates. The log shows things being updated. Why did it say I was up to date when I wasn't? Why did an automatic update not run? They had run quite often prior to entering the license info without any problems. On another note, my scheduled scan also stopped working at the same time. Thinking maybe I could fix it, I deleted my scheduled scan and recreated it. So, I don't know if it is still not working or not... I'll find out tomorrow. Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks, Bill
  8. Just for my edification, if a program was running in the background would I be able to see it in task manager or Process Explorer? Thanks for everyone's replies! Bill
  9. Arthur and Jeremy, Thank you so much for your replies. In this case the program does use hotkeys. It has been around for many years and it does seem trustworthy, although I can't of course know that for sure. Thanks! Bill
  10. I just installed Emsisoft and am running it in trial mode as I am trialing it to decide if I want to use it. I just ran a scan and the following showed up in the Behavior Blocker Log. I don't really understand what this means. It looks like iSyncr was blocked and then allowed anyway with an exclusion. Is this a false positive? Why was it originally flagged as a problem? Thanks! Bill
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