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  1. I had another chance to add a device. Now it worked as intended. I didn't chose the alternative Download this time. Perhaps only a temporary issue.
  2. Thank. The behavior you describe was the expected behavior. When using the downloaded installed with a local admin right, the installer installed EMSI. But EMSI asked for my admin credentials of the EMSI cloud. Trying to connect the installation via command line with the token didn't work either. I will check again.
  3. When adding a device there is an option to download an individual Setupfile or sending an email with a downloadlink. I wonder why the end-user, which is installing the package, is asked for my EMSI admin credentials to activate the license. I would have expect that an individual package is a one-click-installer. What is my mistake?
  4. My post is from 2019 and about the OnPremise Enterprise console. Which is no longer under development or available for download, right?
  5. The question is, if everybody has the "periodic scanning of Windows Defender" set to off. The screenshot of @PoorlyPCNigel seems to lack EMSI as a registered security provider. Looks more like a issue with Windows 10 than EMSI. It 's no seldom that an windows update which reacticates Windows Defender. Or Microsoft Defender, as Microsoft is bundling more and more security features. To completely deactivate Microsoft Defender manually is theses days not that easy.
  6. I share that view. EMSISoft is a fine software and your team deserve respect for building a remote company. The support is personal and has a human touch other companies are already lacking. You seem to be a good CEO 😉 I don't share the vision that an on-premise option like "Emsisoft Enterprise Console" has no business-case. EMSISoft choose to focus on the more popular option. I second that more customers will use that option than trying to install and hassle with a EEC. I don't want to waste your time to go into the pro and cons. I have to accept that EEC is no longer offere
  7. I'm still looking for the technical and organizational measures as integral part of the contract for using the ECC. Currently nobody cares. But that will change. Currently the ECC is hosted in the Hetzner datacenter in Germany. Many technical and organizational measures will be from Hetzner, but the remote worker from EMSISoft are still uncovered by technical and organizational measures.
  8. Thanks, but I don't use the ECC in customer installation. I use the EEC (local server), which didn't have that option. ECC is no option as long as GDPR status is unclear for DPOs of my customers.
  9. Thanks. They switch constantly between Office etc. I think something was changed inside EMSI which lowered the trigger to acticate SilentScreen and now is fixed. But as the update no longer works on EMSI running with that bug, I don't see an automatic fix to that issue.
  10. Emsisoft Enterprise Console, will no longer be supported after December 31, 2020. https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/34808/moving-to-the-cloud-the-emsisoft-anti-malware-management-roadmap/ I'm happy that it will be not 2019. That will leave me enough time to find a different AV with local support. As long as I have to follow GDPR, a cloud system for the enterprise is not suitable for my customers. Most companies currently ignore the rules, but at least two European AV companies still offer an on-premise console.
  11. EEC is no longer under active development. They want you to move everything to the cloud.
  12. I wonder how "Silent Mode" was offered for activation in a typical business environment. If one person would activate it, but 50% of the staff had it activated without any clue.
  13. The Gamemode/Silentmode issue was what exactly caused by? I had a lot of Business licenses installations which no longer had updates for days caused by skipping every update.
  14. EMSI found a infected Attachment and labeled it "Trojan.GenericKD.32440367". The Naming is from EMSI? Till e.g. VirusTotal will combine different namings to a new finding, where can I find more infos about that Trojan? Any hint?
  15. No, I didn't checked the Cloud Console. Having everything local is an important factor for my clients and myself. With the new pricing scheme, EMSI business licences are in the pricerange of Endsecurity solutions. So I would expect to see EMSI moving the Client into that direction too. The "competition" is coming from Windows 10 too. I see people asking to ditch third party antimaleware at all. I'm currently opposing that, but once Win7 is EOL it will become harder to convince customers to see the benefits of EMSI in comparison to EndSecurity solutions (bundled with SPAM filter etc) or the pla
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