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  1. My post is from 2019 and about the OnPremise Enterprise console. Which is no longer under development or available for download, right?
  2. The question is, if everybody has the "periodic scanning of Windows Defender" set to off. The screenshot of @PoorlyPCNigel seems to lack EMSI as a registered security provider. Looks more like a issue with Windows 10 than EMSI. It 's no seldom that an windows update which reacticates Windows Defender. Or Microsoft Defender, as Microsoft is bundling more and more security features. To completely deactivate Microsoft Defender manually is theses days not that easy.
  3. I share that view. EMSISoft is a fine software and your team deserve respect for building a remote company. The support is personal and has a human touch other companies are already lacking. You seem to be a good CEO 😉 I don't share the vision that an on-premise option like "Emsisoft Enterprise Console" has no business-case. EMSISoft choose to focus on the more popular option. I second that more customers will use that option than trying to install and hassle with a EEC. I don't want to waste your time to go into the pro and cons. I have to accept that EEC is no longer offered. To get ECC in compliance with GDPR for a company is currently not working flawless. I'm happy to get responses from European customers which already did the move.
  4. I'm still looking for the technical and organizational measures as integral part of the contract for using the ECC. Currently nobody cares. But that will change. Currently the ECC is hosted in the Hetzner datacenter in Germany. Many technical and organizational measures will be from Hetzner, but the remote worker from EMSISoft are still uncovered by technical and organizational measures.
  5. Thanks, but I don't use the ECC in customer installation. I use the EEC (local server), which didn't have that option. ECC is no option as long as GDPR status is unclear for DPOs of my customers.
  6. Thanks. They switch constantly between Office etc. I think something was changed inside EMSI which lowered the trigger to acticate SilentScreen and now is fixed. But as the update no longer works on EMSI running with that bug, I don't see an automatic fix to that issue.
  7. Emsisoft Enterprise Console, will no longer be supported after December 31, 2020. I'm happy that it will be not 2019. That will leave me enough time to find a different AV with local support. As long as I have to follow GDPR, a cloud system for the enterprise is not suitable for my customers. Most companies currently ignore the rules, but at least two European AV companies still offer an on-premise console.
  8. EEC is no longer under active development. They want you to move everything to the cloud.
  9. I wonder how "Silent Mode" was offered for activation in a typical business environment. If one person would activate it, but 50% of the staff had it activated without any clue.
  10. The Gamemode/Silentmode issue was what exactly caused by? I had a lot of Business licenses installations which no longer had updates for days caused by skipping every update.
  11. EMSI found a infected Attachment and labeled it "Trojan.GenericKD.32440367". The Naming is from EMSI? Till e.g. VirusTotal will combine different namings to a new finding, where can I find more infos about that Trojan? Any hint?
  12. No, I didn't checked the Cloud Console. Having everything local is an important factor for my clients and myself. With the new pricing scheme, EMSI business licences are in the pricerange of Endsecurity solutions. So I would expect to see EMSI moving the Client into that direction too. The "competition" is coming from Windows 10 too. I see people asking to ditch third party antimaleware at all. I'm currently opposing that, but once Win7 is EOL it will become harder to convince customers to see the benefits of EMSI in comparison to EndSecurity solutions (bundled with SPAM filter etc) or the plain Win10 defender tools. But back to the main topic of Enterprise Console: Currently the Enterprise Console seems to not offer all settings of the EMSI client (e.g. Appearance: Dark / Bright is not found in the policy/settings)?
  13. Thanks for your help. I tried drag'n'drop before. Did it again. It worked. Feels a bit very sensitive, but working. Thanks.
  14. EEC 2019.3.0.3456 How can I add a different Group on the same level as e.g. "New computers"? Only way is to rename the items preconfigured. Is that intended? I can clone certain items, but not a new one on the same level. Unusual behavior to me. Perhaps I have overlooked something.
  15. Today I got again a few PCs with broken Firefox-Installations. The issue that EMSI is interfering with Firefox Update / Helper is not new. And in the last few months it got more visible. "Behavior.HiddenInstallation" in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\updated\uninstall\helper.exe" "Behavior.CodeInjector" in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\updated\firefox.exe" Doesn't happen with Chrome updates. Wasn't the case the last years. EMSI or Firefox changed something in their routines. Since EMSI now sells a Enterprise-Line it's time to debug accordingly.
  16. This behavior is not limited to a certain Firefox version. It's happen very often. EMSI is breaking Firefox installations when an Firefox update is running. Not always and everywhere. But you end up with PCs without a working firefox every few weeks.
  17. Let's see it as a feature request for EMSI. Creating a RescueCD/USB or offering an external tool for that. People switching from other AV-Tools might expect such a feature. WinPE or Linuxbased are offered by competitors. But I'm not sure how many users/customers are waiting for such a feature. Without a backup tool, the rescue promise is often falling short. And endusers often skipping creating and updating the boot-cd/usbstick. Looks like a lot of work with little impact on the userbase.
  18. EMSI moves into the direction of the other Softwareproviders. Differentiating price model between home and enterprise. 30day trial only via account. Getting direct user contact via enduser accounts. Other AVs have done that before. As long as you're not a pure reseller, but let' your customers pay for the support it's fine. The promotion aspect might be no longer worth offering a free 30day option without account. EMSI will look at the stats of conversion rate. I would be surprised to see 30day Trialkeys for reseller soon.
  19. 2018.10.1.9026 is now on stable. Thanks.
  20. 2018.10.1.9026 is now available on stable. Your issue might be solved now without changing anything 😉
  21. sz What version of EAM is running? Please turn the updatebranch to delayed and check again. The stable version is still containing some issues around network connections.
  22. Was soll das bedeuten? Im Zweifel bedeutet das fĂŒr Server eine andere Software einsetzen und EAM auf en Clients zu halten. Es wirkt eher wie eine verschwurbelte Preiserhöhung. Preis und einfache OberflĂ€che waren bis jetzt Hauptvorteile von EAM. Die Enterrpriseconsole ist auch kompakt. KomplexitĂ€t und Featureflut haben wir ja bei der Konkurrenz genug. Preislich ist sicherlich noch etwas Luft, aber wenn jetzt noch eine Schulung fĂŒr die Preis/Featureliste notwendig wird, dĂŒrfte es Akzeptanzprobleme geben. Da bin ich mal gespannt, wie die Spreizung zwischen Enterprise und Privat gestaltet wird. Gerade was Betatests angeht. Die Netzwerkverbindungs-Probleme mit 2018.9. ware da eine interssante Erfahrung.
  23. Still no issues around network-connections. Looks good. Hopefully we get some more comments about the beta from other people.
  24. The first hours with 2018.10.1.9026 show improvement with connection issue. The next 48h will show if all kind of issues around network connections have been fixed with this beta. So far it looks like a big improvement.
  25. I don't know, that's why I'm asking 😉 I don't like the concept "We know what the enduser needs to know". You might hide things to not confuse users when interacting with support or others. But being able to see changes in engines via version number can help a lot. At least if you run testinstallations of beta,stable and delayed sidebyside. After hours of testing with different scenarios, even the deactivation of the surfprotection in 2018.9 is not always working. The status is deactivated, but the surfprotection looks still on. Only the holistic deactivation ("Pause protection") via the 10min etc. menu is showing an impact when reproducing issue via e.g firefox downloads. When the indication of what is active or not, is buggy, the process of narrowing the issue is very difficult. When most of the customerbase is "driven" onto delayed feed, you will get less information about issues in the future. So you rely on customers which run additional test-installations for beta and stable.