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  1. Good day! I know that the decryptor is not yet available for Harma. I was infected with this virus, but I have a healthy and infected file. Is it possible to somehow decipher, help, or useless. Attach Link healthy file https://yadi.sk/i/BtPrsH4cuGSNPQ infected file https://yadi.sk/d/lQC6lXeQwWak1g attach files does not allow, writes error 200
  2. Thank You Sarah. I would hope that the solution will be created
  3. Hello! Help to decrypt files encrypted with the extension crypted000007. Spread is encrypted and the original file in the archive 1.rar
  4. Thank you bruticus0. Descryptor amnesia finds the key. Then the user window opens. I specify a disk with infected files, but the utility does not find anything. Files have the extension @decryptor2017 Looking for active infection ... No active infection was found!
  5. Hello! Help to decrypt files encrypted with the extension @decrypt2017 Global3 did not help. Send one of the files. The original and the encrypted original readme.htm [email protected]
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