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  1. I have both file original and encryped as well
  2. Hi, My system been infected with Cry9 ramsomware but when i tried decrypter i didn't work even though when file was tested i got below reply. This ransomware is decryptable! Identified by sample_bytes: [0x4F4B - 0x4F8E] 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000F86191F2 Click here for more information about Cry9 Could Please check and see if you can render any help... I have attached one infected file for your reference Star of Security.docx.id_3834083310_2irbar3mjvbap6gt.onion.to._
  3. I have my system infected with same virus and tried every sigle method mention above but to no avial. When i checked it showed infected with CR9 and can be decrypted but actua no. Support team, if you have solution on this or update please let us know.
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