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  1. I replied to your email. Thank you very much for the prompt service. You all are the best.
  2. I just read the thread below and tried to follow some directions in it. Not really getting anywhere and messed things up with software saying it isn't up to date when in fact it is. I have uninstalled and will reinstall with newly purchased license. I will wait to hear whether or not it is possible to combine two workspaces into one. I know you covered it with Digmor Crusher, but this setup method is pretty confusing unless you just want to leave things on auto renew, which I don't want to do. Like Digmor, I strongly support your company, love your software and want to make it work.
  3. Hello. I have an EAM license that runs out on January 19, 2021 and I just bought a two year subscription through your web site. My thought was that I would be able to add that to my existing workspace and it would just pick up when the other one runs out. My thinking or ability to follow instructions was clearly flawed, however, since I now find myself with two separate workspaces and two separately running licenses/subscriptions. Is there a way to combine these into one workspace? I only have one computer to protect and only need one license/workspace. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Thanks for your post. It helped me realize this is happening to me as well. I have the same version of Windscribe running. I don't use this VPN much and first noticed a problem last night (evening of Feb 17, central US). My Emsisoft doesn't even seem to initiate an hourly update when Windscribe is running. There is no message in the log in this case. It just won't start the update process. If I manually trigger an update with Windscribe running, then I get the same error that you showed in your post. I also have IVPN and Ivacy VPN loaded on my computer. (I only run one at a time of course.) With either IVPN or Ivacy running, Emsisoft updates fine. I tried various Windscribe connection settings and also toggling its built in firewall on and off. Nothing seemed to make a difference, however, and Emsisoft still couldn't connect to the update servers. Thanks.
  5. I think there is at least one version beyond what you have. I have version 2018.12.0.12 for Firefox. The links to the latest version of the extension for both Chrome and Firefox can be found about half way down in this post. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/30345-new-in-201812-safe-web-browsing-with-emsisoft-browser-security/ Hope that helps!
  6. Hi. This isn't directly in response to your question, but below is a link to an Emsisoft blog post that describes their method of web protection. https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/26117/https-interception-what-emsisoft-customers-need-to-know/ I think that whether or not to intercept and analyze https traffic is a question that different vendors answer differently. Emsisoft seems to be out of the norm on this since I think that most security vendors do intercept https traffic these days.
  7. It looks like a really bad day for corporate ransomware attacks. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/telefonica-tells-employees-to-shut-down-computers-amid-massive-ransomware-outbreak/
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