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  1. Yes the drivers are from the amd website and is the corect drivers, but it doesn't matter anymore because i spent so many hours to solve this problem but the only thing that i managed is to make the screen of my laptop goes black... 😂😂😂 So i thought to format my laptop because i wanted anyway so i did it... And when i installed EAM and the same drivers from amd all was fine and continue to be fine.... Something else cause the problem... Fortunately all are fine now... 👍 Thanks...!
  2. I uninstalled the adguard but still i have the same problem...
  3. Hello again. Here is the log files... Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. I have problem with amd drivers on hp laptop... When i have amd drivers install it Emsisoft GUI have flashings, black labels, Black GUI... When i uninstall amd drivers all are fine... i spend days to solve this but i can't find solution.... Any help please???? Thanks!