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  1. Thanks, but I'll wait for a fix.
  2. OK, thanks. I'll wait to see if this is fixed before trying to import the HpHosts lists again.
  3. Okay thanks. I have had no problems with past versions of EAM.
  4. https://hosts-file.net/emd.txt EMD list
  5. I had to restart computer with the larger hpHosts file (300282 entries). After rebooting the Hosts file was not imported. There was no problems with a small hpHosts file (2800+ entries).
  6. 300282 entries. It worked before with no problems. I just tried to import a small file 2800 entries and that worked.
  7. Using the latest public release of EAM on Windows 7 Pro SP1, EAM hangs when I attempt to import a hosts file (from hpHosts).
  8. Merge worked okay today. Ignore my last post.
  9. on Windows 7 SP1 x64 using EAM 2019.4.0.9412 the date is showing but they are not merging properly. I had the hpHosts rules for May 10th. I then went to load the May 12th hpHosts into surf protection, the date still shows only the May 10th rules after the merge. To get the May 12th date to show I must revert to factory default and add the May 12th hosts. The date then shows May 12th. In the past you could merge the lists and it would show both dates.
  10. Reset and re-added, That worked, thanks.
  11. OK thanks. It would help to know date when importing an updated hosts list.
  12. Public release 2019.3.0.9353 on Windows 7 SP1 Pro x64 when I import the hpHosts daily update the date does not appear in Surf Protection. I reverted to factory default and re-added, but problem persists.
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