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  1. on Windows 7 SP1 x64 using EAM 2019.4.0.9412 the date is showing but they are not merging properly. I had the hpHosts rules for May 10th. I then went to load the May 12th hpHosts into surf protection, the date still shows only the May 10th rules after the merge. To get the May 12th date to show I must revert to factory default and add the May 12th hosts. The date then shows May 12th. In the past you could merge the lists and it would show both dates.

  2. No problems with 9188 so far. Since surf protection no longer allows you to view built in list how would you edit if one of the entries is blocking a site you really want to visit? I have an exception to an entry on the hpHosts list I added (classmates.com). Is it still possible to edit built in list?

  3. I have Emsisoft AM on my desk top which expires in 2020. I have Emsisoft mobile on my Android which just expired. I find no link to renew the Android. When I try to renew through my desk I get a message "Your license is not yet due for renewal.
    Please check back in near the license end date" How do I renew the Android license? I have been an A-Squared (now Emsisoft) user since 2006.

  4. 28 minutes ago, Azure Phoenix said:

    Got the "missing component" issue as well. Attempted to reinstall 3 times but issue still persist on reboot. When installing I noticed "Firewall" is missing in Emsisoft, I guess that was the missing component.


    Currently don't have Emsisoft installed cause I was waiting for this to be fixed. Should I installed the beta? What is everyone's suggestion? Is it stable enough? I don't mind waiting a while.

    So far so good with EIS 2017.5.2.7600 Beta here.

  5. 15 hours ago, GT500 said:

    Thanks. ;)

    I've replied with instructions on how to install a test fix for this issue. Anyone else who would like to try it may contact me via Private Message and let me know.

    Replaced skin.ini and updated. Now version 7583. Rebooted three times and each time no more error message

  6. 13 hours ago, GT500 said:

    Oh, and before I forget, our developers want FRST logs from computers having this issue. Here's what to do to get them:

    Please download the FRST Launcher batch file from the following link:

    When you open the "FRST_English_Batch_File" that you downloaded it, there will be a file inside called FRST_Launcher_English. Just double-click on on the FRST_Launcher_English file to start the FRST Launcher batch file. If a popup about the Windows Command Processor appears, then please click Yes. After that the FRST Launcher batch file will download and launch FRST for you, and you can follow the instructions below to start a scan:

    1. The first time FRST opens it displays a disclaimer. You will need to click Yes before continuing.
    2. In the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) window, click the Scan button.
    3. When the scan is done, FRST will notify you that logs have been saved, and open them in Notepad. Click OK for the notifications about the logs, and close the Notepad windows.
    4. Once you have closed the Notepad windows, please also close FRST.
    5. The FRST Launcher batch file should close, and you should have the following two new files on your Desktop:
      - FRST_Main_Log
      - FRST_Addition_Log
    6. Attach the "FRST_Main_Log" and "FRST_Addition_Log" files to a reply so that I can review them

    Thanks sent you PM with requested files.

  7. 15 hours ago, Peter2150 said:

    You might want to remove 709/710 and try the new 603 beta.   I ran into a strange conflict with the 700 series not at all related to EIS, but a backup program.  603 is fine.

    Thanks Peter, has occurred with HMPA removed. Doesn't happen all the time. The first few times I did clean install of EIS. If I reboot once or twice after message occurs it is back to normal.

  8. Having problem read below with EIS and HMPA. They don't seem to coexist now. EDIT: Occurred again without HMPA installed. Upon reboot get EIS errort message that Component is broken or missing and that I must reinstall.
    "G1111 said:
    Having a problem with HMPA 709 CTP3 and Emsisoft IS 2017.5.1.7567. When booting I get a message that an EIS comportment is broken or missing and I have to reinstall. Did this a few times and then uninstalled HMPA and went back to HMPA 3.6.6. 593 and that seemed to fix the problem. Not sure if it is the recently added ransomware protection in EIS or the new components in HMPA 709 that are conflicting. Using Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64.

    Dark Star 72 I've had the same thing happen with EIS 2017.5.1.7567 after booting out of a Shadow Defender session on a machine without HMP.A 709 CTP3 installed. Also using Win 7Pro SP1 x64 so the new EAM/EIS update seems to be the problem, not HMP.A"