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  1. The last two public release versions of EIS have had problems importing hosts files. I copy the contents of hphosts.and save it as a text file. I then import it into surf p[protection. The last two versions have taken very long and after few a few hours I stop the process. After maybe 3 hours only hosts beginning with 0 to 2 were added. There were no problems before. The import and process time was several minutes. Very small hosts files (i.e. Maware Domain List) process now almost instantaneously. where before it took several seconds. I am using EIS 12.2.7060 on Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64. The problem has been with the last two public release versions of EIS.
  2. Thanks Siketa, that worked. Hopefully they will fix soon as I update Hosts file daily.
  3. In Surf Protection browse button for importing hosts rules not working again today. If I type in path indicates cannot find. Also in Settings Import button not working either. Using EIS
  4. Working this morning. Yes I rebooted after program update and did not work. Fixed today however.
  5. In latest version of EIS the browse button for importing hosts files is not working in Surf Protection. You must manually type in the path to the hosts file on your computer. You can then click on the "add" button and add a hosts blocking file. It is only the browse button that is not working. I am using W7 Pro SP1 x64.
  6. Okay, that explains it. Did clean Windows install, installed EIS then all the security updates after EIS,
  7. Running latest stable release EIS on Window 7 Pro SP1. Why does it create a custom rule for Explorer.exe. Since this is part of windows shouldn't it be all allowed. EDIT: Manually changed status to "all allowed" and custom rule is now gone.
  8. Update: Must have been a temporary glitch or minor conflict with another security program I am running as I rebooted, reenabled the active email scanning in EAM and then renabled the plugin in MS Outlook 2007 Trust Center and it no longer crashes.
  9. With today's new beta of EAM, Microsoft Outlook crashes. I have to disable the active mail scanning in order to run Outlook. Outlook gives me the message that it has experiences a serious problem with EAM and do I wish to disable the EAM plugin. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x86.
  10. No freezes in a couple of days now with hourly automatic updates and "join the anti-malware network" checked.
  11. What works for me is under "configuation" then "update" disabling the "join the anti-malware network". The icon tray freezes during sleep mode when Emsioft AM attempts to upload a 1kb file.
  12. After a couple of days I am still having the problem with the computer coming out of sleep mode the tray icon is frozen (apparently uploading 1 KB).
  13. Tried again and same result after first auto update. Waited until second auto update and log then appeared correctly. Tray icon was always correct with update info. Maybe glitch is on my end.
  14. If you clear the Update Log file it does not read correctly on next auto update, It shows an earlier update that was already cleared. Rebooting corrects the problem. See attached. Running on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32-bit.
  15. So far so good in No tray icon freezes so far.
  16. Last sentence should have read turned the - I have since turned the "join the anti-malware network" off and the problem stopped.
  17. It seems to have started with the latest version ( It happens when there is an upload (1 KB) from the anti-malware guard and the computer goes into or is in sleep mode. I notice it when I turn the computer on. I am also running DefenseWall, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and LooknStop Firewall. I have since turned the "join the anti-malware network" and the problem stopped.
  18. Okay, thanks for verifying. Please post Emsisoft response.
  19. It shows the upload when you hover the mouse pointer, You can no longer open Emsisoft from the tray icon and the green update dot in the tray icon also also frozen (doesn't circle around it). You can open Emsisoft AM from the desktop icon and it is still running just the tray icon is frozen. I am running SP1 with all updates installed,
  20. When I open my desk top (Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit) from sleep mode the Emsisoft AM tray icon is frozen. This happens when there was a 1 KB upload from the AM Guard (AM network).
  21. Continue to run version 6 beta with no problems. I purchased new 1-year Emsisoft AM license through SurfRight (HItman Pro). That went smooth and version 6 accepted my new license with no problems. The only suggestion I have so far is in the logs for quarantine is to add when something is removed from quarantine whether it is "restored" or "deleted".
  22. I having been testing (now .31) the last few days. Install went okay, although first time I was presented with a screen asking if I wanted to delete version 5.1. I answered no and the installation hung. Retried and answered yest to removing 5.1 and installation of version 6 then worked, I assumed it would delete 5.1 automatically. I thought I had lost my 5.1 settings, but upon reboot they were still there. Full scan is much faster than 5.1. In the past I would avoid full scans as they took too long. I will now do a full scan at least monthly (scheduled scan). Version 6 seems to be getting along with my other security MBAM, DefenseWall and LooknStop Firewall. DefenseWall did flag four .ini files in EAM 6 as untrusted. I allowed them and changed their status in DW to trusted. I reported this to Ilya (DW's developer) so he can fix. So far I have no issues to report with EAM 6. Running on Windows 7 Home Premium x86. I do have a license issue. I have around 42 days left on my 5.1 license, but version 6 does not recognize the license so I am running the 30-day trail.