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  1. How often are the Host rules updated. I am using the built in list which I understand is from HpHosts (Steve Burn). Is it updated every new release or when partial releases are made. Are the updates automatic or must you download them manually? The last full update was May 5.
  2. Things seem to be okay with CC DNS. Had four auto updates with EAM. Problem seems to be gone now. Anyhow thanks Lynx for your quick replies.
  3. Yes the log was for Feb. 3 2011 when I was running CC DNS showing auto and a few attempts at manual updates. the log reported that EAM had no updates in that 12 hour period when in EAM did have signature updates. I left CC DNS connected overnight and did have two successful auto updates at 3:58 a.m. and 7:57 a.m. CST (Feb. 5, 2011), so apparently the problem is not all the time. Anyhow since it seems to be working at the moment I will keep an eye on it and see if I can find the culprit. Thanks Lynx and stay cool. Opposite problem here very cold out.
  4. Lynx - Link (below) for my update log for Feb. 3 covering a 12 hour period. On EAM's changelog there were several updates that day. Mine show none in that period. I turned CC DNS back on and yes my TCP/IP settings are identical to yours. I did try the download and it started successfully with CC DNS. I am running CC DNS again and will report back later today. Thank you for your quick response. Image here: http://img694.imageshack.us/i/amupdatelog.jpg/
  5. Lately I have noticed a problem on my machine with EAM (latest version) and ClearCloud DNS (with their utility). When using EAM auto updates and with CC DNS running there are no updates for extended periods. I get a message that there were "no modules for downloading" even though I visit sites like Calendar of Updates that indicates there were several EAM signature and/or other updates that day. I try and do a manual update and same message. If I turn CC DNS off, flush the DNS and reboot and check there always is an update waiting. I have auto updates set for hourly and without running CC DNS I get updates on average of every 3-4 hours which is what I expect. So the problem seems to occur only when using CC DNS. Thought I would post here first before I post this on their forum. I am using XP Pro, SP3 and also behind a router. Any suggestions other than not using a DNS service?
  6. Okay thanks Lynx, it sounds like too much of a chore to add/delete/replace another large hosts file. I guess I'll just stick with the default hpHosts file that's included in surf protection module.
  7. I was thinking of adding the MVPS Hosts file to Host Rules. Is there an easy way to delete it or replace it when a new update is released. I recall trying it once before and it was fairly difficult (time consuming) using the delete and enter keys to remove it.