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  1. Hello, By the way, removing "doc", "docx", "xls" and "xlsx" from File Guard scanning extensions is not enough, the crash occurs again. The only workaround available is to exclude Office "root\Office16" folder, as before.
  2. Hello I prefer putting my computer to sleep I have noticied that if I delete folder from exclusions, but tell the "File Guard" module not to scan .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx files, the crash doesn't occur again.
  3. My Office version is : Microsoft Office 365 - Subscription (it was purchased via a "Student" discount on Microsoft Website). Version 1705 (build 8201.2102 Office "Click to run")
  4. After reinstalling Emsisoft, without touching any parameter, I just had an Excel crash again today. Adding an exception for Office folder helped again. So I think I'll have to live with it. I don't understand why if Emsisoft software is not the cause of the crash, then why the issue doesn't occur when Emsisoft software is disabled or not installed.
  5. Hi ! I reinstalled Windows 3 days ago with Office but without Emsisoft. No crash so far...
  6. Thank you. I've made the following exclusion on the : Settings, Exclusions, then "Exclude from monitoring" section : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\*.* I'll try to monitor the behaviour of Word and Excel for a few days, then post back with my observations.
  7. Hello, Here is a dump from today, to compare. I tried to uninstall and reinstall EAM. At first I though it has corrected the issue, but unfortunately this is not the case.
  8. Here is the dump. I've uploaded the file to third party website because I don't know if the uploaded dumps using the forum are the latest.
  9. Hello. This is the latest dump for WINWORD.EXE, fresh from today. Here, there is no crash, simply Word hanging on the startup screen. I was forced to kill Word with the task manager. Just before this issue, I disabled the right click Emisisoft scan shell extension. That's the unique thing I didn't do before. The hardware acceleration in Word and Excel is still disabled. The issue occured once again after waking up the computer from sleep. My graphic card drivers (HD Graphics 4000) are up to date. I have had the same issue with Word (hanging on startup) and MalwareBytes, that's why I reformatted my computer and chose Emsisoft. I'll add the "root" folder of Office installation to the Emisisoft exceptions and see if the crash happens too. To sum up, we'll see if the crash happens again : - With EAM shell extension disabled and, - Word and Excel hardware acceleration disabled and, - "root" folder of Office added to EAM realtime guard exceptions. I'm sorry guys that's a lot of troubleshooting.
  10. Hi! Even with the Hardware Acceleration disabled, the crash still occurs in SHELL32.DLL. I'm out of ideas.
  11. Thanks a lot for the advice and analysis. The crash wasn't obvious at all, and without the proper skills to decrypt the crash log, it would be very difficult to diagnose the issue with the basic informations provided by Windows. Very good support from Emsisoft I have a question out of curiosity : If the crash is related to DWrite, then why is "SHELL32.DLL" named as the crashing DLL ? Thanks.
  12. Hello all, I've disabled "Hardware acceleration" in both Word and Excel. This morning, the crash didn't happen.
  13. Fabian, I am sorry I don't know. But anyway I have the latest crash dump, this time from EXCEL.EXE. Fresh out of the box Same faulting module SHELL32.DLL, same file opened. I have also just woken up the computer from sleep before opening the file. So I think WORD and EXCEL issues are the same. Here is the latest crash dump from Excel, and this one is correct. (I have uploaded the file via as I haven't got enough storage from this topic).
  14. Hello, Today after having put the computer to sleep for 8 hours, the issue occured again in Word, on first launch after waking from sleep, by opening a file on the desktop, a simple DOCX file without any formatting or embedded content. The crash dump is attached below, crashing module shell32.dll. This is the "original" bug, the bug I face since the beginning. Excel crashes randomly the same way. By the way I am sorry for the "trial and error" topic. I am no developper, but if Emsisoft Antimalware is not the cause, I'll be happy to know what it is (I'm also sorry for the bad english, I'm french ) GT500, thank you for your patience.