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  1. I think, for me, it is just an update issue. Let us see if someone from Emsisoft comment this. I love that Emsisoft is (usually) completely silent and would prefer not to be "scared" unnecessarily 😉 😉
  2. I regularly get this message from Windows 10 : "Virus and threat protection. Check the virus protection. Windows Defender Antivirus and Emsisoft Anti-Malware is disabled. " The disabling is just for a few seconds because if I click it, I see that everything is OK. Do I need to to worry?
  3. I see that many posts are referring to trial versions, but I can't find anyone... Here is why I want to try before I buy...: I don't mind buying another security program (Emisoft Anti-malware or Emisoft Internet Security ), but how many CAN I have, and how many SHOULD I have?I have been a computer geek since 1983, although far from your league, or many of the commentators here :-) I have been using AVG since it came out, and AVG IS for several years.Last year I also bought Malwarebytes and Reason Core Security. Always PRO/Premium versions.Yesterday BleepingComputers excellent guide "fix-malicious-web-site-blocked-alert-from-svchost.exe" saved my day, with the help of iExplore, HitmanPro and adwcleaner. After that, I bought HitmanPro and HitmanPro Alert (License for HMP also activated HMP.A).But, now I should also buy Emisoft Internet Security..? (reccomended by BleepingComputers)Which one of my security programs should I stop using/stop subscribing to, if any..?