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  1. Emsisoft should really look into putting failsafes in place so that your software doesn't render computers unusable. I downloaded Emsisoft, to see how it would compare to Comodo Internet Security. Unbeknownst to me, as soon as the install process was initiated, and even before I clicked the button to start the 30-day trial, the combination of Emsisoft and Comodo blocked any and all applications from running, including the Emissoft uninstaller and the task manager. After a reset, it only got worse: not even the start button would work. The only thing I could open was the Emissoft settings screen, from where I disabled all shields and protections. (I also disabled Comodo's HIPS, thanks to still being able to right-click its icon in the task bar.) You would think that would work as *described*, but no, everything was still blocked. I tried another restart, whereupon things got only worse - the only thing I could see was the Comodo widget - not even the task bar was showing up now. And after yet one more restart, even the widget went away. I finally found out that hitting shift + restart on the login screen booted to safe mode, where I was able to uninstall Emsisoft, and everything went back to normal - or at least it seemed to - the internet wasn't working. Turns out, Emsisoft left behind its internet blocking component on the Wi-fi adapter, even after it was uninstalled. That's some grade A level shitty programming.