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  1. On 5/13/2017 at 10:28 AM, Arnstein Bjone said:

    I see that many posts are referring to trial versions, but I can't find anyone...

    Here is why I want to try before I buy...:

    I don't mind buying another security program (Emisoft Anti-malware or Emisoft Internet Security ), but how many CAN I have, and how many SHOULD I have?
    I have been a computer geek since 1983, although far from your league, or many of the commentators here :-) 

    I have been using AVG since it came out, and AVG IS for several years.
    Last year I also bought Malwarebytes and Reason Core Security. Always PRO/Premium versions.

    Yesterday BleepingComputers excellent guide "fix-malicious-web-site-blocked-alert-from-svchost.exe" saved my day, with the help of iExplore, HitmanPro and adwcleaner. 
    After that, I bought HitmanPro and HitmanPro Alert (License for HMP also activated HMP.A).

    But, now I should also buy Emisoft Internet Security..? (reccomended by BleepingComputers)
    Which one of my security programs should I stop using/stop subscribing to, if any..?


    u will want to turn off AVG as having 2 anti virus programs running can conflict with one another. i to use malwarebtyes and zemana premium along with emsisoft internet security and have no issues at all with them conflicting with one another. i just recently seen the reason core security..how would u rate its protection? i highly recommend emsisoft. here is the direct download link to emsisoft internet security for a free 30 trail. i think u will really like it..http://download.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup_14794187

  2. 5 hours ago, bruticus0 said:

    Having an antivirus did no good in mine and many others case.  Malwarebytes actually quarantined a file.  By the time the full scan was done, the damage was done and malwarebytes disabled.  I think most people are like my and have an actual archive of files in a RAID0 or external drives.  It's just that ransomware attacks the attached drives, so to guard against it, you have to have your file archives offline.  Which is a pain in the butt.  

    So I don't think any victim here wants the whole "valuable lesson" crap.  I"m not sure why someone that hasn't had an issue with this particular ransomware is here posting in the first place >.> 

    The only ones at fault, and the ones that need a "valuable lesson", are the criminals/terrorists that are doing the attacks.

    i come to learn that is all. i didnt mean to sound mean i just meant i hope that everyone has learned to back up files,update their OS so this will never happen again to people. it looks like most people was running windows xp,so they was running their business on a outdated system. while it might be a pain in the butt to do what u said about the archives it has to be less of a pain then dealing with this infection..malwarebtyes has really went down hill recently and once my premium account runs out im not gonna re up it. im gonna stick with zemana and emsisoft only.

    5 hours ago, bruticus0 said:



  3. from what i have read on the emsisoft blog its gonna be nearly impossible to decrypt the files without getting some professionals that use forensic data recovery to get your files back or paying the ransom. i hope everyone has learned a valuble lesson here and updates their OS,makes back ups of files and gets the proper internet security such as emsisoft to protect your computers. i have emsisoft internet secuirty,zemana and malwarebtyes on my system and i have yet to get any malware,virsus or ransomware on my computer.

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  4. 1 hour ago, JimmyJAPA said:


    Hello!  Thanks for reminding me.  I check the related threads almost every day, hoping to get the latest information.

    Well, I tried the solution at the beginning of the infection, but data recovery is of no use for me, for I regularly defragment my hard disk to keep it clean.

    I will just wait for a little longer for the geniuses in Emsisoft to see if they can come up with something.

    If anything good happens, I would definitely donate to them for appreciation.

    Finally, the IC3 forms are too complicated to me, a non-American, but I would consider filling in them someday.

    Thanks for everything!


    Jimmy from Taiwan

    jimmy if u pay the criminals they will just take your money and give u nothing. if i ever become infected i will lose my files before i pay these bastards. im just to stubborn and then paying a crimnal that u dont even know for sure will even give u the code. in your case u will have to pay them 2 times since ur doubled encrypted on a hope that they will do the right thing and give u the decrypter. in the future if u care so much about ur data then always have a back up in the cloud and one on a usb drive and keep everything updated. i use emsisoft internet security along with zemana and ive never had a virus,malware or ransomware..Also do u really trust that after paying the people that are scamming u in the first place to trust them that they will give u the code?

  5. On 5/10/2017 at 9:13 PM, mclaugb said:

    I finally gave in to the scam as our business did not have a backup and had some time sensitive materials.  EMISOFT--it would be nice if you could communicate with people in the forum a little more frequently and indicate a timeline, how we can help, etc.  I find it a little frustrating that few if any of your team are even on these forums.  Maybe we're too incapable of helping you but some updating would be nice.

    Anyway, I saved all of the de-crypt exe files locally that the criminals gave me, my user number (number in all the filenames), and a >256 character keystring that the hacker website provided me.  The ransom allows you to download the decrypter exe for three different filetype extensions.  Mine are a bolal4nd.onion type so i used that exe.

    The hardest thing was actually buying bitcoins and getting that done reasonably quickly.  I went to a bitcoin ATM and put in cash and set up a bitcoin wallet on Coinbase.  Cost about $275 bucks all in all, but i had put 20 hours into this, a new hard drive, etc.

    For the record, the criminals tool did not initially decrypt the files correctly--it failed giving an error.  But there is a little checkbox "ignore checksum" that when clicked it says "may ruin the files".  I made a copy of some files I needed and pointed the decrypter at this "folder" to test whether it would damage the files.  The files opened near perfectly (some minor property information was lost) but It worked just fine and i have my files back.  Now i have it running on the whole hard drive.

    The criminals also have a support box for you to send them files and your email address if the decrypt does not work for you.

    I'm not advocating for the path that we chose, but the good guys at EMSISOFT could do more to communicate more frequently to allow users to help them. 

    I now have the VIRUS exe files, unencrypted files, encrypted files, the exe decrypting engine, and at least one key for the engine.  EMSISOFT--SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.





    so ur mad at emsi for your own mistake? i find that a little odd to say the least. people like you are what keeps these terrorists in business. i have Emsisoft internet secuirty and i can honestly say that i have never had a virus,malware or ransomware.

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