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  1. Nova

    Cry9 - Invalid CRYPTON file pair

    However, cry36 still exists, but cannot to contact the criminals even I wants to pay for it.
  2. Thank you. I hope it's the second result and the decryption tool can release soon...
  3. From last year, I had infected the cry36, and cannot backup the files. So I tried to contact the poeple who tried to ask us to pay and decrypte the file. I hadn't pay yet of course. However, I found those website cannot connected from few weeks ago. Is that means there's a decryptor for cry36 ? So they shut down the website? Anyone knows about that?
  4. Nova

    Cry9 - Invalid CRYPTON file pair

    Dear Fabian, So you mean we the victims cannot get the decryptor fo cry36 in a short time? At least in few months? Thank you.
  5. Nova

    Cry128 - Need HELP!!!!! Q_Q

    @JimmyJAPA I'm also from TW, same victim of cry36. Are you successfully paid and get the decryptor? I'm still waiting for the decryptor tools. I hope I don't need to pay them.
  6. Nova

    Cry9 - Invalid CRYPTON file pair

    I believe everyone here are all frustrated that we still can't recover our file back. So am I. I'm also thinking the possibility to pay to the terrorists to get my file saved. But I still have some hope that Emsisoft Team can make the decryptor . I hate cry36.
  7. Nova

    Cry9 - Invalid CRYPTON file pair

    Hi all Is there anyone got cry36 can solved ? The encrypted file name is fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion Thanks.