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  1. On 10/23/2018 at 4:07 AM, GT500 said:

    I've already answered this via private message, however for anyone else who's curious there's still no known way to decrypt files encrypted by Cry36 without first obtaining the private key from the criminals who made/distributed the ransomware.

    However, cry36 still exists, but cannot to contact the criminals even I wants to pay for it.


    Thank you. I hope it's the second result and the decryption tool can release soon...


    On 2018/3/15 at 3:13 PM, GT500 said:

    I've heard nothing about a decrypter for Cry36. It's more likely that the service provider they were abusing shut down their service, or perhaps (hopefully) law enforcement finally caught up with them. If it's the latter, then we may see a decryption tool some time in the future, as law enforcement will often partner with an anti-virus software company when going after such criminals and share the private keys with them so that they can make a decryption tool.


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