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  1. Thank you for your reply. My operating system Windows 10 has been set up, But when it crashed then it did not produce a full memory dump file, Maybe it’s too late to create, Only the mini dump file is generated, Next time, if there is a full memory dump file, I will upload it to this topic again. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Emsisoft Support: My laptop often has an BSOD these days, and it is normal for the first two days. I use the Debugging Tools for Windows WinDbg.exe to analyze crash dump. The result is related to a2service.exe of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Found that the analysis result a2service.exe will cause memory_corruption, The number of crashes since yesterday has been close to 10 times. I don't know if it is really caused by Emsisoft Anti-Malware. But the results of the analysis tell me that this is the case, Please help with this issue, thank you. Attach the output text file minidump.7z a2service.TXT
  3. Hi ! havredave: Thank you for your reply. Please watched topic such as the following: License Issues Related to Changing Hard Drives Found that seems to be caused by changes in hard disk. My case because i used Primo Ramdisk software. It makes Ramdisk resident is physical disks in the system. But the topic explains that machine key will change when the hard drives connected to the computer change. The license is remapped 5 times in a day, then it gets locked. But I was removed ramdisk after the boot, and then it can not be certified. When I re-install Ramdisk, certification restored. Hope you can find the problem and solve. Thank you very much ! Primo Ramdisk Setting:
  4. I found the problem today too, My system Win10 had installed RamDisk for Z : just the ramdisk Z: removed after the boot, And then enter the system after the EIS dialog messagebox that "Request License List Failed...". I rebooted twice, twice show the messagebox, I enter my license did not work, I am logged into Emsisoft Licenses Center also found my License key and Computer name and the license end period is also normal. Finally, I re-enable RamDisk for Z: , then EIS certification success, Is there a problem that EIS has determined that the installed computer device has change? But I only removed a hard disk drive, EIS become certification failed? Can you solve this problem? Thank you.