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  1. Thank you Kevin. F: has never been an OS partition, it is a data partition. It is the second partition on this particular hard disk, XP was installed on the first partition (which doens't exist anymore since I replaced it with two new partitions when I moved the hard disk into this new machine). So I must assume that XP or Seven (or both) create one System Volume Information folder for each partiton (system and non-system). Again, I wonder what is the purpose of a malware than manages to sneak into a computer, passes untouched through antivirus/antimalware scans (many scans if these
  2. Thanks for the replies. @JeremyNicoll I will do that, thank you. I think Avast updates its signatures several times a day. @Kevin Zoll I've got some questions: - Can you explain to me what exactly is an inactive malware? I would think a malware has to do something to be... malicious. - I would like to know if these two files were there since the drive was in the old computer. I was thinking of de-quarantine them to look into their properties for the date of creation (and then re-quarantine them). Do you think it is a wise idea to do so? - I am particularly concerned about s
  3. Hi everybody, I am not English native so I apologize for possible errors. Software running on my PC: - OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 (regularly updated) - AV: Avast Free Antivirus - AM: Emsisoft Emergency Kit (2017.4.0.7437) - FW: Comodo Firewall 10 I have been using this machine for a couple of years, more or less. The antivirus and firewall are always running in background and I use both Avast and Emsisoft Emergency Kit (which is placed on one of the internal drives) every now and then for virus and malware scanning. I didn't notice anything strange, everything was smooth and
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