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  1. Thanks bruticus0, We had to wait for updates.
  2. Hi! My computer has been infected by a virus, virus and it deletes, but all files have been encrypted under the extension .onion, here a part of the examples: image.jpg.id_1427938014_fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion slider.jpg.id_1427938014_fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion I tested the tools Cry9, Cry128, CryptON but none can decrypt. I have read and apparently is a new variation of the dharma according to this text that I relate them: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .onion file virus. The latest variant of Dharma ransomware has been spotted on April 2017. The virus spreads via malicious email attachments, and once victim clicks on an infected attachment, malware sneaks inside the system. On the affected device, ransomware starts system scan and looks for the targeted file types. For data encryption, it uses a sophisticated algorithm that prevents users from accessing their files. Ransomware appends the .onion file extension to the encoded documents, PDFs, video, audio, image files, databases, and other popular file types. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I send you two encrypted files and the respective original files, so also informative send the text file where it is mentioned that all the files have been encrypted. Thanks a lot! Oscar Rojas 55c3c72eadfae.jpg.id_1427938014_fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion 55f2d391caf78.jpg.id_1427938014_fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion -DECRYPT-MY-FILES.txt