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  1. Today problem with high CPU usage reappeared. I opened GUI, performed malware scan and then close it when it was finished. After few minutes a2start.exe was fully using one CPU core. I had to disable protection and kill the process.

  2. Hello.

    I installed latest version and so far could not reproduce the problem. So it seems to be fixed.

    One additional question. After install I noticed new shortcut pointing to a2guard.exe. I don't remember seeing that in previous versions. Is this OK?


  3. Some additional information. I run Windows 10 21H2 with all updates till April 12 installed. I use EAM latest version with stable release feed.

    I don't use any other real-time security software, except Macrium Reflect with it's Image Guardian component installed and configured.

    It looks like I can trigger this behaviour with opening EAM's interface, navigating through settings and then closing it down (without changing any settings). It doesn't happen every time but sometimes a2start.exe starts consuming CPU.

    I've created a2start.dmp file during high CPU usage. Tell me how to safely send it for analysis if needed.

  4. For some time now I have problem with high CPU usage from Emsisoft Anti-Malware whenever I install Emsisoft AM.

    Emsisoft Security Center (or emsisoft Anti-Malware serrvice) starts to use 15-20% of CPU. When I open Interface it hangs with Not responding indicator and you can't do anything. Only way to stop this is to right-click on systray icon and shutdown protection. After I turn protection back on, problem happens again after a while.

    How can I find cause of this problem?




  5. On 3/10/2018 at 3:16 AM, GT500 said:

    There's probably either a local issue with a backbone provider, or an issue with their server in your area. Our CDN provider isn't reporting any issues right now, so it's more than likely an issue with a local backbone provider.

    You can get an idea of what's going on by using a tool such as WinMTR. Simply enter the CDN address (dl.emsisoft.com) into the field in WinMTR and click the Start button. It will trace the route to the server, and then it will start pinging each hop (routers and servers you're connected through at your ISP and the backbone providers) along the route. It will give you statistics of how many pings it sent, how many replies it received, how many packets were dropped, and the times in milliseconds to receive the replies.

    Thnx for suggestion. Will try it next time I have to download installer.

  6. Today I tried to download whole installer again and speeds were slow again:


    Then just for fun, I tried to download through VPN and I got normal speed:


    Tried on and off few more times and results were always the same. If I try to download from my own IP (from Slovenia) I get slow download. IF OTOH I try to download through VPN from some other country (Austria or Switzerland) I get normal speed.

    To me it seems that CDN provider is throttling connection speed to my IP or IPs from my country.


  7. That article only described 2 different methods to filter web traffic. One with SSL inspection performing MITM and the other by filtering DNS requests.

    Emsisoft uses built-in filtering of malicious websites that is conducted via DNS requests being filtered. You don't need specific additional DNS server to improve filtering.


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  8. Yes, thanks stapp. I downloaded full installer (it was downloading for almost an hour) and using full installer, I could install with no problems.

    EDIT: I tried to download it again today and speed returned to normal. So it seems that it was temporary problem only.


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