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  1. IDK. I have Windows built-in FW enabled and I don't think that it can monitor such activity.
  2. Hm that's strange. Two weeks ago I couldn't update (running it manually through AV interface) until a2guard was allowed in firewall. I will retest it next time I install EAM.
  3. On my desktop I had to allow a2guard.exe through firewall to be able to update.
  4. Emsisoft IS was merged with Emsisoft AM which doesn't have built-in firewall included.
  5. It seems as shortcut couldn't be created on desktop. Can you check if you got Emsisoft Anti-malware shortcut on your desktop after install?
  6. As temporary work arround you can try adding executable to monitoring exclusion list. It helps with other media player that has similar problem.
  7. Thank you @GT500 I will try it out and report back if I encounter any problems
  8. No I use built-in software restriction policies (through Gpedit).
  9. I have one question about using EAM together with Software Restriction Policies (Windows built-in mechanism to whitelist applications). Is EAM "SRP-friendly"? What I mean by that is does it function normally if execution from only Program files and Windows folders is allowed. My main concern is update process of EAM - especially update of program components or new version release. Is whole process run by binaries from those whitelisted locations or are there any binaries placed and run from other locations (temp folder, programdata folder and similar)? I know that my question is more "technical" but I would really appreciate an answer. If anybody is using this combination, I would appreciate their feedback also.
  10. You can use instructions and cleaning tool from here: https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/150/45/how-can-i-completely-uninstall-an-emsisoft-product
  11. An example what is shown when all protection is not enabled:
  12. Also discussed here: I added executable to monitoring exclusion and it solved the problem.
  13. I prefer to use software in English language, but my family members would prefer to use it in our native language. IMO, it's nice to have a choice and them each user can decide how they want to use it.
  14. OK, it seems that I had some success testing it. If I restart my system and then open interface it is in English through all tabs, until I switch to logs tab. In log tab first subtab (Forensics) is in English and next one (Surf protection) is in Slovene. It seems that problem starts there after each reboot. Maybe it has something to do with new Forensics logs introduced in last update?
  15. For me that's a problem, since I don't know what exactly triggers this behavior. I restarted my system few times and in few cases interface got changed right after restart - but again not always. And it happens under both - standard and administrator user account. I will try to figure it out with some more testing.
  16. I followed your instructions, reproduced an issue and sent you log files. I hope that it helps.
  17. It's probably same cause of this error, so you're not hijacking it I also couldn't find what causes this bug. Once it got changed for me when I was just changing sub-tabs in protection tab window. A second ago it was English, a moment later it switched...
  18. I'm using version 2017.7.0.7838 of EAM on Windows 7 x64. Today I encountered problem with language selection not being remembered when using Standard User Account. Language seems to revert to my native language and GUI is displayed partly in English (categories and subcategories section) and partly in my native language (Settings part). Here is a printscreen: After choosing English again, whole interface changes to English - until next time it gets reverted back. I still haven't figured out what triggers this behavior, but it seems to me it's happening only when I'm logged in Standard User Account and not while logged in Admin User Account.
  19. I experience similar issue as Dan2. When I open EAM interface there is an explacamation mark (no renewal coming soon, sigs are up to date, nothing is disabled). As soon as I hover over protection tile, exclamation mark disappears.
  20. I have similar "detection" if I run Kaspersky Virus Remooval Tool (on demand scanner), while Emsisoft Anti-MAlware is installed. Also got this detection when no real-time Av was installed but EEK and KVRT was run at the same time. It seems that this might be FP from Kaspersky when scanning memory.
  21. Maybe one suggestion. If a scan is missed it might be better to not display Last scan time on a task as if it happened. That info might be misleading. Just a thought...
  22. Thank you for clarification. I guess that in that situation I will just run it manually.
  23. Hi @GT500 Did you get any confirmation about scheduled scans running after exiting Game Mode?
  24. Hi! I've noticed that if I run full screen application (let's say watch movie), scheduled scan won't run. I guess this is result of option Don't start scheduled scans in Game mode. When checking Scheduled scans tab there is info that scan was run at scheduled time although there is no log of this scan and also no noticeable HDD activity that would indicate a scan. Under scan option there is "Run missed scan on next startup" option enabled. After restart no scan is run. Is this normal behavior or is it a bug? OS: Windows 7 x64 Emsisoft Anti-Malware v. 2017.5.0.7538
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