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  1. EEK doesn't actually detect it, so I cant get a report. I have submitted the file via https://www.emsisoft.com/en/support/submit/
  2. Hi, I've screen shot a file that I've quarantined and it appears the trojans no longer appear upon restart, any reason why?
  3. Hi, I have done as you said and I still have the same problem.
  4. I have run the tool and it does remove it, however upon restart the 4 trojans reappear. Log as attached Fixlog.txt
  5. As attached. it still detects the four trojans. scan_170527-230520.txt
  6. Log as attached, I have removed the two entries but still appears upon restart. rk_348E.tmp.txt
  7. Logs are attached as follows. However upon restart the 4 trojan entries are still detected? AdwCleaner[C2].txt JRT.txt
  8. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. I have done what you have asked and have attached the log file. However upon restart Emergency Kit still detects the 4 trojans? Thanks Fixlog.txt
  9. Logs as attached. Thanks scan_170522-100350.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply. its only because emisoft detect it and non of my other antimalware software detects it. But I will ask for help in that subforum
  11. Hi, Everytime I do a computer scan, these four entries appear and when I delete them they reappear upon restart. Can someone tell me what they are and how to remove them permenantly? Thanks
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