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  1. @bruticus0, Thank you, I have a paid antimalware but it did not protect me..... System restore was disabled unfortunatelly. I am out of money right now to pay experts to recover my files. I contacted the criminal, wants 450$ in bitcoins... Nemessis something... I dont even know how to deal with bitcoins... I am desperate.... Thank you for your time. This happened in my worse time in my life, i lost my job recently as a cameraman, i have to work from time to time as a 2hd cameraman in weddings for pennies... if i don't deliver the files i am dead... it seems i have to
  2. Hi all, My name is Nick, I have the virus since few hours ago. It is a disaster! Al my files have "<ID REMOVED>.onion" at the end.... This happened to almost all my disks connected to my pc. As I am a wedding videographer, terrabytes of video files. to ALL my disks, even backups. Even 2-3 weddings i was working right now and must deliver to customer.... Also most programs don't work, running in safe mode right now. Removed my raid drives from pc. I found a txt file in some places named "decrypt my files" content: "*** ALL YOUR WORK AND PERSONAL FIL
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